"what the hell is a slipknot?"

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She stopped her sentence, letting out a slight monkey scream. She always did this when she figured something out. It's fucking irritating.

"Jinx! His name was Jinx! Man I'm good!"

"Do any of them go to Duke?"

Goldie pierced her lips together, I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

I sigh heavily, "Get it over with."

Goldie releases the heartiest, most intense hyena laugh I ever heard. She laughed for a solid good minute. It was so bad she had tears coming out of her eyes, the grip she had on the steering wheel became tighter. At this point I was getting pissed. It wasn't that damn funny. After the long exhausting minute the laugh died down.

"Girl, you crazier than I thought you were. Half of them didn't even finish high school."

I trail off, "Oh..."

"They have street smarts though, and that's better than any degree."

Iris hums in agreement.

"Goldie, you live in North Carolina now. We all do, our biggest concern now is old white guys with missing teeth calling us niggers. This isn't New York anymore."

"Ok Little Miss Rhode Island, don't say I didn't try to help you." Her tone of voice mocking me from being born in one of the most boring harmless states known to man kind.

Iris sighed, she wasn't from America so we couldn't mock and joke with her because we didn't know much about where she was from. I looked back in the seat to give her a slight reassurance.

The whole ride was a total of 15 minutes, it felt like 15 hours. My eyes wandered out the window as I began to hear loud thumping, it sounded like music. We must be getting close.

I noticed we were kind of in the middle of nowhere, I didn't recognize the neighborhood, I've only been in NC for 2 years but I knew it well. Just not this part.

As we grew closer, I saw this big ass house from afar. It was almost bigger than mine. I covered my ears, the music was really scary and it sounded like a guy yelling. Iris whimpered, I could tell she wasn't very fond of the music either.

Goldie laughed at us, "This is only Marilyn Manson, just wait until you hear something really crazy like Slipknot."

My gaze from the window went over to her, my face twisted up in confusion, "What the hell is a Slipknot?"

Iris jumps in, "It's like this dark heavy metal band. Goldie made me listen to them the other day and my ears almost bled out."

Goldie nods, "Damn right, those guys don't play."

I slouch down in my seat. I wanna go home.

We pull up to the building, the house was completely dark, with a few neon lights sparkling from inside. People were standing outside, talking, making out, smoking what I hoped were cigarettes or blunts, drinking, wrestling, head banging. It looked...kind of fun.

Goldie was the first one to get out. She hid an alarm inside her car just incase someone tried to steal it. It seems she was a regular, when she got out at least 5 people came over to greet her. My window was down, so I could hear her talking about me and Iris.

"Alright y'all," she points to the group of people, then back to the car, "I have my best friends here, they don't know much about the scene, just make them feel comfortable, aight?"

It was 3 boys and 2 girls, they nodded in unison, "We gotcha Goldie!" A girl yelled out. Goldie motioned for us to get out the car.

Iris enthusiastically got out, slamming the door and skipping over to Goldie and her acquaintances. I, on the other hand, was very hesitant.

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