"what the hell is a slipknot?"

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I eye my mirror up and down, looking at my outfit one last time. I didn't wanna go too far, but from what I'm seeing, my first thought was hopefully no one steals my fucking earrings. I didn't necessarily dress like I was attending the oscars, but I made sure these punk rockers know I wasn't part of their clan.

My lips turn into a smile. The outfit I came up with was color coordinated. Which I loved. Palettes of pink and gold showcases. Truly by Cigarettes After Sex was playing throughout my room, speakers blaring. At this point, I was waiting for Goldie or Iris to text me that they were here. Sighing, I flip flop on the bed. Not gonna lie, I am pretty nervous. This was the first time I've attended a party like this in....forever.

I'm not into the punk thing, and my mind is coming up with these fucked up scenarios that if I fuck up once they're gonna sense it like a dog can sense a tsunami. And sacrifice my blood or something. I know that won't happen but it just feels like it will. Goldie assures that it's fine and nothing too crazy goes on. The worst that's happened was a big riot broke out and two guys ended up in the hospital. Then again, this is coming from Goldie and she survived a drive by.

Ok, I'm having second thoughts now.

I pull my phone out to text Goldie to just go without me, before my fingers could start texting I heard a honk outside my window. Dammit.

"Aye! I ain't got all day princess! Get  your ass down here!" I heard Goldie's thick New York accent from my window. I let out a small chuckle, heading down the stairs. The neighbors are definitely gonna complain to my parents.

My heels click throughout the house, leaving a slight echo since it was so big. Walking out the door, I see Goldie outside standing next to the gold Porsche I got for her 16th birthday, smoking a blunt. How ironic.

As I run the heels click clack on the concrete, going up to Goldie politely slamming the blunt on the ground.

"Do you WANT me to get in trouble?" I asked, putting extra emphasis on the "want."

Goldie rolled her eyes in frustration, "you lucky someone gave that to me, if I had bought that me and you would be fighting."

I mimicked an evil laugh as I enter her car, "Love you too."

Goldie turned on the radio, something by Xxxtentacion was playing, I didn't know the specific title of the song, but I knew it was his voice.

Iris sat in the backseat, playing on her 3ds.

"What game is it this time?" I asked turning back in my seat, I was genuinely interested.

Her green eyes looked up at me in amusement, "It's the new animal crossing game! Wanna play?" She flips over the ds and reaches it out towards me, a huge grin on her face.

I smile, pushing it back towards her. "Maybe later, ok?"

Iris immediately goes back to playing "Ok! Just let me know!"

Turning back to the road, I turn over to Goldie.

"So...are the guys there cute?"

Her eyes glare over at me, "Bitch what?! Since when did you care about dudes?" She reaches into the glove compartment, pulling out some old brand lip gloss.

I shrug. "I don't know. Just curious. You seemed to be really rooting for me to go, that must mean something."

Goldie shrugs back, "you right."

"Some of the finest mothafuckas I've ever seen were at these parties. There was this black guy with the most beautiful head of hair. What was his name...? It was something like Jamie, Jango, Jimmy Cricket, I can't remember, but he was-"

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