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I walked around the house looking for Liz. She said she had go use the restroom.

That was 20 minutes ago.

Either she's taking the largest crap known to mankind or she ditched me. As I was walking my phone vibrated in my dress pocket, I picked the phone up, it was Goldie.

Aye b, Liz is with me. Wardrobe Malfunction. Hang tight, we'll be back!

Sighing in frustration, I return my phone to the pocket. Great. I'm alone, I don't know anyone, I can't find my friends. Wandering around on my own. Anything could happen. This was literally my worst nightmare.

There was a mini bar upstairs, I comfortably sat on one of the stools, watching the party goers below. They're having so much fun. Looks refreshing. Many people were upstairs as well, but the attention wasn't on me. No one was looking towards my direction. So I basically looked like an ant that showed up to a spider fight.

I turn over. Politely asking the bartender for a drink.

He looks me up and down, "you've never been here before."

My cheeks fluster, "you're right."

He shakes his head at me and snickers. "No worries doll. I'll just give you a sprite, by the way you're sitting here alone ya might need it."

Hmph. I'm not alone. I'm just waiting on my friends. Who left me by myself, which by definition means alone....never mind.

A few moments pass by, a slight 'clonk ' hits the table. It's my sprite. I sigh in relief, and crack the can open, slowly sipping on the fizzy drink. Damn, I needed that.

I sit patiently as I wait for Liz and Goldie. What could've happened that required them to leave? Nip slip? Ripped clothes? Someone spilt a drink on them? Nonetheless, it's still no excuse to leave me here, knowing I don't know anything about this place, or anyone. To make matters worse, my ears still hurt from Damien's band playing those loud ass songs of theirs. I've never heard anything so destructive. But they must be popular, the people went absolutely apeshit when they played.

Minutes pass, and I hear a bell ring from my purse. Must be a notification from Goldie, I inhale loudly, and reach into my bag, it was a text notification, but it wasn't from Goldie.

It was from Iris.

Confused, I open the message.

Hey! Dean and I went to chat in his car, we have a lot in common! Did you know he owns EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL CROSSING GAME? IN THE HISTORY OF EVER? Not to mention, he's a major cutie! Don't worry about me, if I need help I'll just send you a flower emoji! See you later! Have fun!

The message ended with a smiley face. I sighed, at least I know someone is enjoying themselves at this party. I just hope Dean doesn't get the wrong idea. Iris isn't like...that. Now Goldie, is a little bit different, she'll sleep with anyone. But we still love her. As far as I can remember Iris hasn't even been kissed yet. Hope she'll be alright. I don't want her crossing his animal, if you know what I mean.

Another bell rung on my phone. It was Goldie.

Aye man, my bad about leaving ya, Liz had a rip in her shirt, we're outside talking with Damien and his band if you wanna chill!

At this point, I felt two emotions; completely, utterly happy, and pissed the fuck off. Happy because Liz and Goldie were back and ok, but frustrated because she was downstairs with Damien. I don't know him very well, but let's just say my first impressions of him weren't every good.

Looks like I have two options, stay here and wallow in my own filth, or go down there and suck it up.

I mean, it's not so bad up here.

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