Typhoon (I)

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Lily Morgan knew she was different, but that had nothing to do with her supernatural abilities.

In a world of abnormal creatures she was an outcast.

With no idea what species she is, Lily keeps her head down throughout school; juggling boring and unusual subjects and research in the library for the lost records of the supernatural.

Until a rainy day when her creature unleashes - the calm before a brutal war of a storm.

Wolves catch her scent. Vampires crave her blood. Witches curl their magic in fear. Fairies tremble on fractured wings.

For Lily Morgan, school was the least of her worries.


The blurb for book one, Typhoon. 

Book two, Tempest, is being uploaded now as of October 2019! It'll all be in one book so all you have to do is keep clicking 'Next Part' or keep scrolling. 

I hope you enjoy this series. 

Much love to you all, 

Libby x

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