Spending the night with Yugo(Not a love story)

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3.This night whiteout stars can make you cry.


The bar is crowded. It's hard to get anything because all the people are showing. So it is weary hard to get something if you are as small as me. But i have learned some tricks and in just in few minutes i got a bottle of bear. Now i just have to fined my friend Jacky. She is probably getting funky with some dudes.

It is hotter and hotter by the minute. I hope i will find her soon or i will pass out. The band that is up on the stage are playing a fast beat song, that just took over your body and made it dance. So i stopped resisting and bang my head and stomped my feet in to the rhythm. There she is. In the corner. With some high school boys,i think. I practically danced my way to Jacky, my hand raised high.

"Coco!" cheered one of the boys. Typical jock,i can say, but i recognized him from school. I think they all are from school. So she is in good hands, because almost every guy in our school are some preppy, golden boys.

"Heyyyyyy, my little cocooooo..." slurred Jacky, of course.

"Jacky, we need to get home, or your parents are gon a kill us"

"Come on, can we just stay here for,like, 5 more minutes and you are like no fun and ,like, i'm,like, having a good time..." she whined.

This is killing me," okey, okey. I will just go outside and get some air, but i will be back in 5 minutes, so,boy's,take care of her or you all will be dead."

Cold air greeted me outside. It was smooth and calming. I took a deep breath. It smelled like city and i love it. I love the city. I love everything about it. The buildings, the cars, the shops,the noise, the vibe. Everything. I was born in the city and i planed on spending my whole life in the city. Well, not maybe in this city but some other city, like Paris or London, or Tokyo.

I took a cigarette, lightened it and took a deep breath from it. It told me to look at the night sky.This is a night without stars. Where did they all go? Did they all fall when i wasn't looking up? While i was looking at the pavement beneath my feet. It is sad to not see the stars.

My thoughts are indentured by the buzzing in my pocket. It is my Blackberry. I have got one new message,the informed that Jacky is ready to go home. Well, here comes the hardest part of the night getting home. I took one last swing at my cigarette and throed it down to burn and crumble. My feet started to take me back in when a voice stopped them.

"Hey, can i get some light?'' It was the music boy, with a new cigarette in his mouth.

"Isn't usually the other way around?"

"But this isn't really usually, as it is are first time meeting?" he smirked.

I lightened his cigarette "How do you know? Maybe i am one of your one night stands you forgotten and i'm angry because you left me without even a goodbay and now i am gonna beat you."

He laughed and blew smoke in to the air "that would make great lyrics"

I laugh with him. Because of what he said, cuz i couldn't writ anything that involved being poetic and music boys laughs just made you laughed with them.

"So whats your name?" i asked the question thats bothering me the last five minutes.


"Don't tell me you have a Yugo" i laughed.

Yugo was laughing too " i had but my ex, Mercedes, smashed it."

We were laughing my phoned beeped. Oh, shit. I forgot about Jacky.

"Sorry, but i have to go get a friend from getting raped so duty calls. Maybe see you some other night."

I ran to the doors when he shouted " Can i at least get your name?"

"It's Coco!" I shouted back.

"No wonder you smell like No. 5!"

A/N pls, comment...and i thin it all... o and if you are wondering Yugo is a car brand,too.

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