Spending the night with Yugo(Not a love story)

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2. There was a boy, in a band,with a bass guitar..


I'm bashing my fingers against the strings, letting the stress flow away. About family, about school,about job, about a girl, about a boy. I am letting it all out and making music who don't have anything better to do than drinking the night away and listening to some underground band which won't get far in life. Some might call it waste of time but i call them a waste of space.

The lights are blinding and i can't see past Mel. But i don't to see the crowed. I just need to hear them cheering. Confirming that we aren't making any mistakes and doing everything right. These few gigs are reminder to us, that our whole life isn't made of mistakes we our some one else made.

The song is startting it's 3rd minut and it's bad becuse its only suposed to last two and half minutes. Mel is screaming the last words, i'm playing my last chords and Whitney is finishing it off with a drum solo. Crowd erupts in a wilde mass of people. That is our que to pack up and get the hell off the stage. But tonight isn't my night to be the crew bitch so jumped off the stage, in into th ecrowd. It pushed me towords the bar. I time to get somthing to drink and enyoy the night to it's fullest.

A/N it short, i know.

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