Spending the night with Yugo.(This is not a love story)

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  • Dedicated to Miervaldis Svece

1.Once upon time, in punk rock club...


The heat in the club is so thick you can see it. People are shouting,showing and throwing beer bottles around. The music is making a riot.Guitar strums and drum bashing is filling the room. The singer is shouting the lyrics in to the crowed. No one understands what he is screaming but still everyones emotions are lifted in a new level. And iam so into it. My body is filled with toxic liquid music make. This is my scene.

My hands in the air, my whole body in the air whit each jump i made in the rhythm of the music. My feet are hurting, my body is covered in sweat but all i can concentrate is on the band whit the spotlight illuminating them."The Accident on middle street" are their name. I think they are playing a song about a boy named Don, who slept with someones best friend but you cant really understand. All we know it's a song called "Don, the whore". Actually they have a lot of songs about Don.

But that not the point here. the pint here is the boy, in the band. The point always is the boy. The few moments my eyes are open, they always land on that boy, the one who plays the bass. And always there is a cigarette in his mouth, even if he looks like a 15 year old. He is cute in that music boy type of way. With his shaggy hair,ripped jeans and vans, which looked like they went through hell.

All to song was done. Music boy disappeared. Probably to make room for the next band. But i made my way to the bar to get something stronger and maybe fined my intoxicated friend and hope she will be sober enough to get home till 5a.m so her parents don't kill me.

A/N 1st No there won't be love between coco and music boy cuz this wont be like those kind of story.

2nd i wanted to write more but i have a writers block ( thats funny cuz i'm not a writer)

3rd There will be only few people who will read this because this isn't a story about hot bad boy vampires or werewolf,or hot jock and loner love story and stuff like that but can please give me some feedback cuz really wanna know if this is story has any potentional.

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