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sorry for being dead :( school hates me

this is posted on felix's birthday oops

the birthday chapters are just random one off chapters




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hanniestoes - happy birthday to my dork 😝😝😍 come get your cuddles


j.one - im on my way! love you 💞💗💞

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j.one - it's my birthday today! here's a photo of my boyfriend and our son jeongin! thank you for all the birthday wishes! 😘


lovelychannie - d-dad? mum?

cb97 - stop confusing my poor baby

hanniestoes - my sunshine!

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jisung drove towards minho's apartment. this ass decided to be sneaky and climb up to the fucking second floor and climb through minho's window to surprise him. jisung climbed the nearby tree before leaping his ugly ass to the window nearly dying in the process.

minho heard a thump at his window, he looked up from the book he was reading only to be faced with a squirrel looking ass at the window pleading to be let in.

minho pulled up his window pulling jisung in, "sungie you could've hurt yourself" minho mumbled with a cute pout as he stuck to jisung like peanut butter.

"anything for you baby", jisung winked as he pulled minho to cuddle in bed. "geez you're so needy you big dork", minho giggled underneath jisung. "happy birthday baby", minho ruffled jisung's hair before kissing him.

they cuddled until minho fell asleep as jisung admired him.

woojin opened the door dropping his chicken out of shock, "what the fu- how'd you even get in here you damn squirrel?!", woojin yelled. jisung looked up at woojin before death glaring him. minho woke up rubbing his eyes, "what- hewwo?", minho mumbled half awake.

rip jisung, he squealed at how cute minho was and also got his ass whooped for climbing through the window by woojin.

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