Telling them again

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Cameron's POV
We arrived home yesterday and me and Lauren are just cuddling in my bed right now. It's around 8:30 am and I'm tracing outlines on Lauren's back while she lays on top of me.

I can feel her light breath slowly tickling my neck. As I lay there I start to remember that tonight we have the family dinner where we are going to tell everyone again that we are engaged.

It's kind of funny how we have to tell them again. Tonight we are going to go to this bowling place that has dinner and tell everyone there.

I continue to trace lightly on Lauren's back when I finally decided we should get up and start the day. I start rubbing her back in a way to try to get her up. I hear her lightly groan and I start kissing her temple.

"Love it's time to wake up." I shake her a little and she starts to finally stir.

"But I don't wanna." I smile.

"But you have too. We are telling the fam agin today." She groans and picks her head up so now she is looking at me.

"Fine." She huffs and I kiss her noise.

"Thank you." She rolls onto her side and I pick the duvet off of me. I walk into the bathroom and hear Lauren right behind me. I feel her wrap her arms around my waist and rest her head on my shoulder.

I smile as she smiles back gently. I start brushing my teeth as she starts kissing my shoulder blade. Once I finished we swapped positions. So now I'm kissing her shoulder blade while she is brushing her teeth.

I start sucking gently on her neck as she quietly moans. She starts coughing from choking a little on the tooth paste. I laugh as she glares at me. She rinses our and turns to me.

"That's not nice." I finishing laughing and smile.

"It's not my fault you moaned...oh wait it is." I laugh again as she hits my shoulder and walks out of the bathroom. Right before she leaves I gently grab her arm and pull her to me. Then I kiss her passionately as she kisses back.

Things started to get heated and I slam her up against the door frame. She moans at the contact gives me perfect access into her mouth. Our tongues didn't even have to fight for dominance as i already won.

We kept kissing for a while and I started to make my way down to her neck. I sucked gently on her pulse point and earned a light moan from the beauty.

"Hey I think we should get ready." I smile as she says that slightly out of breath. I leave one last kiss on her neck and go back to those beautiful brown eyes.

"Okay." We both walked to my closet and got changed. There is a specific part of my closet that is just a bunch of Lauren's clothes so there is no need for her to bring like a bag when we sleep over.

We go downstairs to see my sister sitting at the counter eating yogurt. She turns to us and as she makes eye contact with Lauren her eyes widen.

"OMG Lauren what happened to your neck it looks like it caught sucked on by a vacuum!" I look over to see Lauren blushing and glaring at me at the same time.

She looked absolutely beautiful. I turn back to Rebecca and she just smirks at me.

"Oh shut it." She laughs and turns back to her phone.

Lauren walks over to the downstairs bathroom as I get us some avocado toast.

"CAMERON!" I jump as I hear Lauren yell my name. I look at Rebecca.

"I pray for you young child." I give her a slight worried look then I roll my eyes. I walk to the bathroom and knock on the door. It swings open to see a pissed looking Lauren on the other side.

"Look what you did to me!" I just laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry love I guess I got a little carried away." She pulls me to the mirror and starts looking at it again.

"A little now imma have to cover it up with makeup." I smile and wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her temple.

"I'm sorry baby." She sighs and leans back into me.

"It's okay." I smile and she turns to me and kisses me softly. After a few seconds we hear Rebecca yell.

"You two better not be doing the dirty in there!" I roll my eyes as Lauren laughs. We interlace our fingers and walk out of the bathroom.

Time skip to later that night

Me and Lauren's family just all arrived at the bowling place. I'm sorta nervous for tonight. I know they already said yes the first time but it's still her racking to announce your engaged.

We walk in grab the bowling shoes and they take us to the back lanes where it's designated for parties and stuff. We all sit down and lasers start flashing around and cool lights and music everything. The lanes get setup and we start playing.

After continuous rounds of bowling we finally order food and it arrives at the back tables. We are all sitting around laughing and eating when Lauren and I look at each other.

We both stand up as everyone's attention lands on us. I slightly cough.

"Okay so me and Lauren have an announcement to make." I look at Lauren as she smiles and gives me a reassuring nod.

"We are engaged again." Everyone starts smiling.

"Yay I knew it. CLAUREN CLAUREN CLAUREN!" Lisa and there rest start chanting. Me and Lauren just started laughing and everyone was getting up and dancing. We were all laughing.

We continued the rest of the night bowling, eating, laughing, and just having fun. Tonight was the best and I can't wait to get married.

Ha ha. Long time no see readers. Sorry for the uhm gap but here's the next chapter. I know it's kind of repetitive so sorry about that. Anyways there is only going to be a couple of chapters left maybe like the wedding and stuff so I hope y'all enjoyed this one. Thanks for reading, commenting, and voting. See y'all real soon. Have a wonderful day or night. ✌🏼


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