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Cameron's POV
So I got home yesterday from work and like I suspected we just rehearsed and did stunts. It was actually pretty fun though.

Today we have the friend barbecue so I'm excited for that. I have been craving a burger and fries. I get up from my desk and walk over to the closet. I put on some jean shorts a black shirt and a black and red flannel.

As I look at the time I realize it's only 1:00 pm so I'm going to continue writing some songs. I haven't released any but I've been putting up covers and a lot of people want me to.

I make my way over to Lauren's house and knock on the door. Lauren opens it and smiles when she sees me. She's wearing ripped jeans and there new black no good at be lonely shirt.

"Hey love I hope I'm not late I got caught up playing my guitar." I walk in and kiss her.

"No some friends just started arriving." I nod as we interlace our fingers and we walk to the back patio where everyone is. When I walk out I see Lauren's siblings my sister and mom and some friends.

That's when I notice that the Simon guy was also here. I wonder who invited him. Me and Lauren walk over to see Dani and some guy.

"Hey Dan."

"Oh hey Cam did you just get here?"


"Cool...oh Cam this is my boyfriend Well now fiancée Emmyn." I open my eyes in shock once she said fiancée.

"Fiancée? Are you guys engaged." Dani nods her head.

"Wow congratulations guys that's awesome." I shake Emmyn's hand properly and we start a light conversation. Then I hear Lauren's name get called I don't pay much attention but I feel Lauren's hand slip from mine.

I look over to see her walking to that Simon guy. I wonder what's going on. I see them talking and Simon said something to make you laugh. Honestly I don't know why but I'm feeling really jealous.

"Hey chill Cam they're just friends." I turn my attention back over to dani.


"Dude your knuckles are white I know your jealous. I'm saying don't be." My mouth makes an "o" shape as I turn to my hands. My knuckles are white. I've always had a bit of anger in me I get it from my dad.

She looks over at me and flashes a small smile. After that I release my fists and just feel happy. I smile back and continue talking to Dani.

"Damn Lauren can change your mood quick." I furrow my eyebrows at her.


"Dude you just went from full jealousy to in love within seconds." After she said that I just blushed.

"Yea yea" Lauren comes back over and intertwines our fingers again.

"What are y'all talking about?"

"How you make Cam very happy." I just blushed and she kissed my cheek.

"Well I'm glad." We continued talking and hanging out. Then Mike Jr. yelled food was ready. There were seats outside around the two outside tables for everyone.

I grabbed a burger and fries and some salad cause gotta stay healthy and walked over to the table where Lauren and her sisters were sitting. Right when I was about to sit next to Lauren Simon came over and sat down.

Boy imma about to slap him. Lauren looks over at me.

"Hey laur is it cool if I sit here?"

"Well I mean I was about to." He just looked at me.

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