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Cameron's POV
So we finished up all the concerts in Britain and now we are off to Paris. I can't wait cause tomorrow I have something huge and special prepared for lauren.

We arrived in France and the first concert is in Lyon. So the girls are getting ready for there concert right now.

After the concert we all head back to the tour bus as we have a long drive ahead of us to get from Lyon to Paris. Lauren has honestly been acting a little different lately. She's been more quite and kind of distant from me but I'm sure it's nothing.

Lauren's POV
Ugh I can't stop thinking about Simon and Cameron. Like why can't my heart just be with Cameron why did I have to run into Simon that day.

I'm so conflicted because Cameron is a great girl and after Simon had to leave for London when we were younger I thought all the feelings were just gone.

Yes Simon moved back to Tennessee a year ago but we never talked like whyy. The one time he's here in London again I had to be here. Ugh.

We arrive at the hotel we are staying in Paris. Me Cameron and Dani are sharing a room again. I am getting changed into workout shorts and an oversized red shirt as my pajamas for the night.

I walk over to Cameron who is laying on our bed on her phone in her pajamas.

"Hey love question would you like to go on a special date with me tomorrow?"

"Yea would do you have in mind?" I say laying next to her.

"That's a surprise my love." I just groan as she kisses my forehead. We cuddle for a little while until we end up falling asleep. I'm so glad tomorrow is our off day.

The next morning

Cameron's POV
It's around 6:30 in the morning and I'm up early because I have to sneak out of the room and into the other girls' rooms. I asked them to meet me in Christina's room because I have a question to ask them all.

I knock on the door and see Lisa standing there looking tired as ever. I walk and see all the sleepy girls except Lauren.

"Ok Cam it's early and this is our off day so this better be good." I look at Dani who is glaring at me like she is about to attack me.

"Oh trust me it is." I pull out a small box out of my pocket. It's a beautiful diamond ring from Tiffany and co. They all gasp and have amazed shocked looks on there face.


"Omg Cam this is beautiful. Are you gonna propose to Lauren?" I nod and all the girls squeal.

"So do I have your permission?"

"YES!" They all hell in unison. I just smile.

"I was thinking of asking her today on the Eiffel Tower. It is a whole date I have planned."

"Omg Cam she'll love it." Christina smiles.

"I hope so." We all talk about it for a little while longer as I get ready for today's date. I walk back into our room and see Lauren already dressed in a pair of black jean shorts and an orange shirt.

"Hey where'd you and Dani go this morning?"

"Oh I had a question to ask your sisters." She looked at me skeptically but brushed it off. I cannot wait to propose to her.

So we spent the whole day walking around Paris we went to a nice cafe for lunch then went shopping and sight seeing for a while. We came back into the hotel room to change.

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