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Lauren's POV
We arrived back at Cam's place and she unlocked the door I walked in first and put my jacket on the coat hanger.

"Here come outside for a sec." Cam started leading me out. She has one of the higher apartments so on the balcony you can see the beautiful city lights. She wrapped her arms around my stomach from behind me.

I just leaned into her and smiled. This was perfect. Me, her, and this beautiful view.

"Hey I need to ask u something." I turn around to face Cam. She had the widest smile and you could see twinkles in her eyes. And I know cheesy but it's true. The stars light up her eyes perfectly.

"Mmhm whats up?" She leans in and gives me a sweet soft kiss.

"I love you so much." I just smile widely at her words. Before I had a chance to respond she got down on one knee.

I covered my mouth with my hands as I could already feel the tears in my eyes.

"Lauren, I know that we ended it but being here with you tonight showed me how much of a mistake that was. I never realized how much I needed you until tonight. See you being here and supporting me showed me how much you care and I just love you. I know I didn't fight for us and I should've and I am so sorry for that. I know now that if anything gets in our way it's me and you because I'm going to fight for you til the day I die even if we are married. I love you so much Lauren Christine Cimorelli. Any comments questions or concerns before I ask?" I just laugh at her cuteness and shake my head still smiling like a little kid.

"Ok then marry me?" I nod my head yes. She puts the same ring on she gave when she first proposed. Then we leaned in for the most passionate kiss I have felt in a while.

Things got heated for a little while until we pulled away after like five minutes.

"I love you so much Cameron you have no idea." She smiles.

"I love you too Lauren." I smile and hug her tightly.

"I can't believe you proposed again." She just laughs lightly.

"Well I can't lose you now can I?" I smile and we share another shirt sweet kiss.

Tonight was the best night ever.

Cameron's POV
I was in the bathroom finishing up brushing my teeth while Lauren was already laying in bed reading. I cannot believe I'm proposed to the love of my life again. Tonight was incredible and I can't wait to tell the family again.

I walk out of the bathroom and I I start to crawl on the bed. I then rest my head on Lauren's stomach as she just laughs.

"Babe I'm trying to read." She whines. I smile at her cuteness and lift up her shirt a little. I start kissing her stomach.

"But I want love." She smiles again as I keep kissing her stomach gently. I look up at her and she's smiling widely.

"Love u."

"Love you too." I kiss her nose and go back to my side. I turn off my light while she turns off hers. I go a little more under the covers and wrap my arms around Lauren so we are spooning.

She snuggles into me and I just smile. I kiss her temple before we both fall into a deep slumber.

I wake up to feeling Lauren start to shift a little. When I open my eyes I see she is now facing me and smiling.

"Oh sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you." I smile and kiss her nose.

"It's alright love I should probably get up anyway. Got packing to do before we go back home right?" She nods her head yes and closes her eyes and leans her head on my chest.

"Love that means I have to get up." She hugs me tighter.

"No." I laugh a little and start sitting up but Lauren sits up too still holding onto me.

"Loveee." She just straddles my waist now burying he face into my neck. I then lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom.

"Ahh Cam put me down!" She squealed like a kid but was laughing.

"No you wouldn't let me go so I'm not gonna let you go." She just laughed.

"Fine." She mumbled into my neck. I put her on the sink counter with her legs still wrapped around my waist.

"Alrighty imma have to let you go now cause I have to brush my teeth." She pouted.


"Yes or no kisses." She sighed and let go of me.

"Fine" I smiled at her childishness.

"You really think I could go without giving you kisses?" She smiled at me and shook her head. I brushed my teeth and when I was finished I looked up at Lauren and she was still watching and smiling.

I leaned over and was about to give her a quick peck but she stopped me.

"Uh rude." She smiled and jumped down from the sink.

"I have to brush my teeth now. Morning breath." I just laughed and let her brush her teeth.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Shortly came Lauren after I put the eggs on the frying pan. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me From behind.

"What's for breakfast today?" She asked while kissing my shoulder blade.

"Just some eggs, you know the usual." She lightly laughs into my shoulder giving me goosebumps. I finish the eggs as Lauren is still in the room packing.

"Love, the eggs are ready!" I call so she can hear me. She comes running down the hall and I see her turning the corner smiling.

"Yes, I'm so hungry." I laugh as she walks over to the table and sits down. We eat up our breakfast and have a nice light conversation.

We put away our plates and continue to pack because we are leaving for Tennessee tomorrow.

Hey I am so sorry guys for not being able to update sooner. School started again and I have already been flooded with work. I will try to get the next chapter out soon but I am sorry if it comes out a little while for now. Thank you all to have been reading voting and commenting. I hope you guys are enjoying the story. See y'all soon.


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