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Cameron's POV
It's been a week since me and Lauren have broken up and two days ago I finally left my room and went outside.

I still feel guilty and in pain after everything that's happened but it's not healthy to be locked away in my room. I'm currently going to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner so it's good that I'm getting out of the house.

I haven't talked to any of the cimorelli's since that talk with Dani but Rebecca has been talking to them and updating me and stuff on how they are all doing.

Honestly I do miss them but it's just to hard to look at Lauren right now. I just need more time. I grab a basket at the entrance of the store and start walking.

For dinner I was thinking maybe some spaghetti with meatballs. I start going to aisle six where the pasta is to pick up the spaghetti. As I turn the corner I bump into a random girl.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry are- Lauren" wow. Just wow. I seriously bump into Lauren in aisle six. Why does fate do this so me.

"Hey Cam" I just look at her feeling my heart break.

"Hey" I say quietly.

"Sorry again" She just lightly smiles.

"It's fine. So uhm how have you been?" I just look at her not really wanting to have a conversation but not wanting to be rude.

"Ok. Uhm you?" She looks at me.

"Fine." Well this is really awkward.

"Lauren there you are oh hey Cam." I see Dani walking up to us. I just wave.

"Sorry I actually have to get going. I'm making dinner tonight so..."

"Oh yea it was good seeing you." Dani caught on that this was awkward and waved goodbye. I went over to the spaghetti and grabbed one and got out of that aisle.

After collecting everything I need I went to the self checkout. I put all the stuff in my trunk and headed home. What an awkward grocery shopping trip.

Lauren's POV
Well that was awkward and sad. I can't believe I just ran into Cam in aisle six where she literally bumped into me the first time. She really needs to watch where she's going.

Me and Dani started packing all the stuff I to the trunk.

"Hey you okay?" I look over at Dani and nod.

"Are you sure cause you seem deep in thought."

"Yea I'm fine. It just hurts seeing her."

"I know sugar but it will get easier over time." I just nod and head to the drivers seat. I wait for Dani to get in and make my way home.

We arrive home and all my sisters are here because we are having a family dinner. I walk inside with a couple of bags and place them on the table.

"Oh hey Lauren how was grocery shopping." I look over at Kath.


"Oh no why?"

"Cause she ran into Cam in aisle six." I look behind me to see Dani walking in with bags.

"Oh I'm sorry Lauren. Is it a bad time to say Cameron and her family are coming over tomorrow for dinner?" I look at Katherine wide eyed.

"Uh.." was all I could make out.

"Wait really? Why?" I ask kind of loudly but not aggressively.

"Well mom thought it would be nice to have a small dinner. You know to reconnect with there family. I mean we are family friends after all." I just looked at Katherine stunned.

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