The dinner.. well not really

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Mia's POV//

Ethan: hey
Me: What do you want
Ethan: are you still mad at me
Me: Yes. You hurt me, Ethan.
Ethan: I'm coming over
Me: What ?
Ethan: I'll be over at 6

I read his text and just rolled my eyes. He's was gonna come over even if I told him no. I throw my phone on my bed and walk over to my desk. I sit down in the most uncomfortable chair ever and open my laptop.

I saw I had gotten a few subscribers last night and one person tipped me $500 even though I wasn't on last night. This is the best job ever. I went to see how much I had in my bank account because I've been thinking about buying a car. I went to login to my bank account and when I did I saw I had $16 and I nearly screamed. I felt my heart rate pick up and I never reached for my phone so quick. I called my bank and after being on hold for god knows how long I was finally able to tell them that I had been hacked. They asked me a series of questions and I stood there in my room with tears rolling down my face. What the fuck am I gonna do. As I was freaking the fuck out I get a message from Ethan.

Ethan: hey I'm about to be omw

I looked at the time and it was 5:47. I should probably clean up my act a little so I'm not as much of a mess. I go to my makeup area and sit down in front of my mirror and wipe away some tears. I slap on some natural brows and some light blush. And a little lip gloss for good measure. I hear a knock at my door and I trotted downstairs to my front door where I met Ethan.

"Hey" He said with a peachy smile when I opened the door

"Hey" I said still not sure why he wanted to come over. I glanced down noticing he had grocery bags. I furrowed my browns and he picked up on my confusion

"I wanted to make you dinner" he claimed

"Wha- What ?" I questioned

"Listen I still feel awful.. let me make you dinner"


I let him in and he smiled as he walked past me; going to the kitchen to set down the bags. I walked over to where he was and kinda just spaced out. I was still in shock from getting hacked.. and also having my heart broken by the man that was standing in my kitchen about to make me dinner.

"You alright, Mia ?"

"Huh ?" I snapped out of it

"You okay ? Is something on your mind.." he said as he walked over to me grabbing my hand.. he sounded worried. I pull my hand away from him and just broke down. I started crying and I just hugged him as I was crying into his chest. He seemed shocked at first but hugged back. Tight.

"What happened?" He asked

I pulled away from the hug and whipped away some of my tears

"I got hacked, Ethan!" I cried out


"My bank account got hacked! I have $16 to my name and I don't know how I'll be able to get-"

"Shhh" he said as he put his right index finger over my lips.

"It's okay, Mia" he stated and I just looked at the floor as some tears dripped down to the floor

"No- it's not okay, Ethan I-"

"We can get the money back" he cut me off again

I looked up at him and looked into his eyes. His eyes were so reassuring as I gazed into them. I trusted him.

"Okay..." I said

"But for now let me make you dinner" he said with a cheery tone. I giggled at how he was still wanting to make me dinner.

"Ugh Alright!"

He smiled and grabbed my waist and pull me closer to him. He kissed my check before letting go of me.

"Alright you sit down and watch the master at work!" He exclaimed and I just giggled once more

"Hey um I think I'm gonna go stream.. I need to make some money back.." I said kinda scared. He looked a little confused when I told him but quickly changed his attitude

"Oh. Of course. Go stream. This should take awhile anyways.. maybe about an hour? I'm making some pasta and chicken" he said smiling after and I smiled back. I walked over to him and half hugged him and kissed his check like he did mine. With my right hand on his chest and my left still wrapped around him I then looked up at his face as he stared down at me with a smile.

"Thank you for understanding.."

"Of course.."

I let go of him and walked up stairs. I quickly put on my pink wig. I walked over to my desk where my computer was, and logged onto and started streaming.

"Hey guys what's up" I stated. The comments soon started rushing in

"I know this is unexpected but I just felt in the mood" I smirked at my camera. However, in reality I didn't want to stream at all.

Rex77: Good evening Sam !

Curves96: this should be good !

I saw that a couple of my regulars were in the chat. I smiled and greeted them. After a few minutes of letting everyone getting in the room I asked a question:

"So.. what do you guys want me to do ? What do y'all want to see ?" I smiled

Maddie_smokes: use your dirty little fingers

Sexykat: talk dirty!!

BriannnIsMay: you should do a show with someone that would be fun $200

Rex77: @BriannnIsMay yeah that would be so hot $100

Curves96: awe how fun @BriannnIsMay

I read a few comments and saw that everyone was going crazy over the idea of doing a show with someone.. not many people do shows with other people.. this actually is a really good idea.. I then realized I had a boy toy downstairs willing to do anything for me to gain my trust back. I guess I'll be his dinner tonight.

(Leave me comments on what y'all think of the book ! I'm always open to any type of feedback and would greatly appreciate it)

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