Who is Grant?

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Mia's POV//

I woke up with a beam of sweat running down my forehead. It was extremely hot in my room and I felt like I was in hell. I picked up my phone and checked the time. It was 5:37 am. I went to my texts and selected Grants name.

Me: hey
Grant: hey. What are you doing up this early?
Me: well why are you ?
Grant: idk I'm always up this early

Me and Grant have been getting really close and, a part of me wants to tell him all my dirty little secrets. We've been talking for about a month and he's been nothing but sweet. I've been opening up to him like no other. I haven't even opened up this much to Charlie.

>> time skip to lunch

Grant: hey bb

I glanced down at my text and smiled to myself. Erika noticed and asked me who texted. I told her. She asked me what he looked like. I was silent for a moment before realizing that I had forgotten what he looked like. However, I remember he sent a picture of himself when we first started talking.

"Uh hold on I have a picture" I told Erika trying to pull up the picture. I click on the "info" button that was near his name and scroll through our many memes we send each other. I scrolled down to the first picture we had and waited for it to load. Once it loaded I almost screamed but instead I just froze up. It was Ethan. Ethan. Tears started to water up my eyes as I just froze up. I can't believe this.. the one person I trusted. The one person I felt safe with. The one who helps me when I need him.. was also my worst nightmare

"I- I have to go" I said quickly while picking up my bag and running out of the dance hall. I knew where Ethan sat during lunch so I muster up the courage to go up to him. Finally all the anger and distrust I felt came out and I stormed up to him.

"Mia.." he looked at me up and down
"What a lovey surprise" he said as I stood there in front of him with my bitch face on

"How dare you?!" I yelled at him as I felt eyes land on me.

"Ooooo" all his friends around him said and he smirked at me

"What did I do this time, baby ?" He questioned

I held up my phone to show the text conversations between us
"Grant ?? Really ??" As soon as I said this the smile he had on his face dropped and he sprung up and pull my arm to get me to go to a hallway with him. I complied and followed him into a hallway so that way we could talk. I had tears in my eyes as I began the conversation

"What the hell, Ethan?" I questioned. He could see I was hurt by this. He could see that he broke my trust.

"Listen I can explain" he said and I could hear the sorriness in his voice.

"Then explain"

"I know it's fucked up but I couldn't act soft in front of my friends.. I wanted to be there for you but I didn't know how to.. I'm sorry about everything. About lying to you and about threatening you because I know what your job is... I'm so sorry and I'm begging that you forgive me. I will do anything for you to forgive me. I didn't realize how much I liked you until I was Grant. I'm so sorry, Mia and I'll do anything you want." He said to me having glossy eyes.

He must have really fallen for me.. I mean me and Gran- Ethan have only been talking for a few weeks. And for him to have tears in his eyes right now is saying a lot.. but what the hell do I know because I also have tears in my eyes. But my tears are because he broke my trust and I don't hand that out to anyone. His tears were because he doesn't want me to leave his life. It was sweet..

"Alright listen" I said as he straightened himself up

"I can forgive you but..." I paused
"You have to start acting like Grant all the time. Do you know how scared I was when you were threatening to send my shit out to the school ?!" I semi- yelled at him and he looked down feeling ashamed.

"I know I'm sorry" he interjected

"You don't get to be sorry." I sternly told him

"You're in a lot of trouble" I said while staring into his eyes. He looked down again and I walked away. I could feel his eyes on me but I kept walking.

What the fuck happened today.

//sorry I haven't been writing this book. I'm working on another one I like more :/ but I'm trying to write this one again 🤠


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