When we met

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Mia's POV//

"Hey bitch" I heard someone call out as I was walking down the hall. It was Charlie. He was skipping up to me like a kid. He was so excited and full of life almost like coffee. He clearly wanted to tell me something. I stopped in my tracks and just watched him as he came closer.

"Guess what" he said excitedly
"What" I said duly
"I think I found a boy for you" he said with confidence

I took a second to think about this and figured I'd at least see who the hell Charlie thought was good for me

"Who ?" I said blankly
"I'm gonna leave it as a surprise. So follow me cause y'all are gonna meet right the fuck now" he said with so much happiness in his voice
"Um okay"
He took my arm and started leading me in the direction of his classroom
"I don't know why it took me so long to pair you up together" he said almost like he was a little mad at himself

We got to his classroom and there he was. A standing, large, broad shoulder man who stood about 6'4 I'm guessing. He turned around and reveled his face to me. His captivating face. His delicate face. A face that I want to sit on. Once I saw him I felt nervous. I'm not good enough for him. What the fuck was Charlie thinking. He smiled at me. His smile was so charming. Me and Charlie walked up to him.

"Mia this is Ethan, Ethan this is Mia" Charlie spoke proudly

As soon as he said the name Ethan; Charlie then proceeded to take out a 9-14 handgun and shoot me in the heart right there in the middle of this now deserted classroom. I fell to the ground and watched the blood pour out of me and watched my delicate heart fall out of my chest.

"Hi Mia" Ethan said in an evil way almost and I was now back on my feet just staring at him.

I looked over to Charlie who was signaling me to talk to him. If only Charlie knew. If only I didn't have such a problem with trusting people.

"H-hi... Ethan" I was a mess
He cocked his eyebrow
"What a shame" he said looking down at me
I could see Charlie's face look confused
"You didn't call me by name" Ethan spoke sternly
I stood there in silence not wanting to say his name. I looked up at him with my wet eyes and begged him not to say anything. He looked at me; reading my face and finally got the message.
"Well it was nice meeting you... Mia" he said while sticking his hand out to shake mine. I did the same, "pleasure, Ethan" I said. He took my hand and kissed the back of it and looked up at me. He whispered to me
"You can pleasure Ethan all you want" he winked. I pulled back.
"Well I have to go" I said with a smile as I practically ran out the door.

I walk fast down the hall trying to get away from Ethan but I can't seem to get him out of my mind, well because he controls me. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know who to turn to. As I'm waking down the hall I start to feel light headed so I turn into a bathroom. I sat on the floor and tears start to fill my eyes. I can't lose my job. I genuinely love it. But I can have anyone find out what I do. It's looked upon. My whole family is looked upon, I don't want to be tied into that stereotype.
I open my phone up and go to my messages looking for someone to text and help distract me from my thoughts.
I see Grants name. His cute little name. I text him seeing if he would be willing to be a Gat.

Me: hey :)
Grant: hey what's up
Me: I'm kinda out of it rn.. I was hoping you could calm me down
Grant: yeah of coarse what happened?
Me: just had a bad experience with someone
Grant: oh okay. Just try to breathe. Breathe in for 5 seconds hold your breath for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds. And just keep doing that until you calm down

I did as he said and it worked or at least helped

Me: thank you
Grant: anytime mocha ;)
Me: mocha ?
Grant: cute nickname right ?
Me: I guess 😂 you're such a dork
Grant: whatever you say Mocha lol

I slide my phone in my pocket and leave the bathroom and walk my late ass down the hall

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