Ethan's message

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Mia's POV//
*grant texted*
I look down at my phone that had just buzzed and see the preview message from Grant

Grant: Hey
Me: hey
Grant wyd
Me: eating lol
Grant is typing...

After that he didn't say anything. Weird. Whatever. Today's Friday night and I'm supposed to do a show but I don't feel too great. Physically I'm fine but mentally I just kinda feel blah. I think I'm gonna cancel my show. It's not like I need the money. I go to Sam's twitter and tweet out this:

Sam23: Hey babes. I don't think I'm going to be doing a show tonight I don't feel too well :(

Minutes go by and I get tons of comments asking if I'm okay. It's sad that people who don't know me care for me and people who do know me don't even realize that I'm depressed. Oh well. My phone buzzed and it was from Grant

Grant: Hey wyd tonight
Me: movie night
Grant: oooo are you going with your friends or does our sweet Mia have herself a date ?? Lmaoo
Me: oh no no I meant just like staying at home watching movies by myself
Grant: well why would you want to do that when you can watch movies with someone
Me: I just like being alone sometimes
Grant: so if I asked you to watch movies with me tonight you'd say no ?
Me: hmm I don't know
Grant: well do you wanna watch movies with me at my house
Me: maybe tomorrow ;)
Grant: tease

I left the conversation at that and went to my living room to watch some tv. I sat myself down in the corner of my L couch and grabbed the tv remote as well as the PS4 remote. When I turned on the PS4 I was going to go right to YouTube but call of duty caught my eye. I clicked on it and watched it load considering it had been a few months since I've last played. I watched the game load and with it the memories of me and all my friends playing this in one big party together all talking over each other came to me. Man was that fun. Since then my life has gone to shit. I click the home button and go to YouTube instead. Something switched in me to make me want to just sit here on my couch and tune out the world and just watch some of my favorite youtubers.

A few hours later I decided to go onto my personal spam instagram and just browse through all the shit posts. As I was browsing I get a notification saying someone wants to follow me.

Ethandolan wants to follow you

I read the notification. Who the hell is Ethan ? Is it the same Ethan that was on my cam show ? I decided to check out his profile before I accepted his request. His profile picture was him looking at a sunset on the beach. I couldn't see his face. His account was also private. His bio read:

Ethan G Dolan

I have no clue as to who this guy is. But at last my curiosity got the best of me and I decided that I would let him follow me so that way I can follow him because that's normally what happens. After I accepted his follow request I sent him a request. I waited but nothing happened.

I soon get a dm from Ethan. I click on his dm with my thumb and continue to read his message

Ethandolan: Hi Mia
Miasspammy: um hi ?
Miasspammy: do I know you ?
Ethandolan: yeah
Miasspammy: how do I know you
Ethandolan: School
Ethandolan: and a site

This was what I was scared about. This moment right here. As soon as he said that my heart dropped. It sank. It stopped.

Miasspammy: what site ??
Ethandolan is typing...

Ethandolan: I think you know which one I'm talking about
Miasspammy: ?
Ethandolan: does cams.on.girls.Com sound familiar?

I took a moment to breathe

Miasspammy: what do you want
Ethandolan: to talk to you
Miasspammy: okay well you're talking to me. Congratulations. Now leave me alone ?
Ethandolan: you're not normally this sassy when you talk to me. You better watch the tone, Princess.
Miasspammy: I've never talked to you.
Ethandolan: oh really? So I didn't make you cum yesterday?
Miasspammy: that's it your getting blocked :)
Ethandolan: you wouldn't dare
Miasspammy: watch me
Ethandolan: try me. If you block me I'll send out your Sam account to everyone in school. I can destroy you, Mia.

I read his message with pure fear. He knows my darkest secret. A secret that literally no one knows about except for me... and him. I hate this feeling. I don't want to live in this fear

Miasspammy: what do you want, Ethan.
Ethandolan: nothing
Miasspammy: I don't understand ?
Ethandolan: just know that I have this information, Mia. Slip up and you'll be sorry. Do I make myself clear ?

I took a second to read his message then finally responded with:

Miasspammy: yes.
Ethandolan: yes? What's my name.
Miasspammy: yes, Ethan you make yourself clear
Ethandolan: still not my name
Miasspammy: I'm out of guesses
Ethandolan: you'll refer to me as Mr. Ethan
Ethandolan: now. Do I make myself clear, Mia?

A couple minutes had past since I opened his message. It was just such a weird situation I was wondering if it was real.

Miasspammy: yes Mr. Ethan you make yourself clear

Ethandolan: good. Goodnight, princess 😘

I left him on read as anyone would. I would have blocked him a long time ago but I can't. He has me under his finger right now and I'll do anything for him and he knows it. He knows I'll do anything because if the implication. This was my worst nightmare.

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