PART 3: The Dark Secret

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I couldn't believe my amazement when i discovered that the doctor's son was Tristan! I was speechless. Now i know where he got his kindness from. Then i was reassured that i could trust the doctor.
After my sister got settled in Tristan talked to her.
Tristan: Hey! Whats your name?
Kiara: uhmm hi? My name is Kiara.
Tristan: oh hi Kiara my name is Tristan Morales, my dad told me you lost your sister?
Kiara: yes, that's why im here, since there is no one left to take care of me, and to cater my sister's burial.
Tristan: oh that's sad, don't you have other family members?
Kiara: yeah but its a long story.
Kiara and Tristan spent a long time talking and getting to know each other. While i just stood there and listened to them.
Tristan: that's very tragic, i couldn't bare the though of having no family, im very sorry.
Kiara: Its okay. Thanks for listening to me.
Tristan: no problem, and hey if you ever need to talk just call me or at least wait till i get home.
Kiara: Oh thank you, she smiles.
Tristan then leaves the room and Kiara lies down and get some rest. I follow Tristan to his room and he was taking off his clothes preparing to take a shower. I immediately looked away but my brain kept on forcing me to look again, so i peeked through my hands a little bit, thinking eh what do i have to worry about he cant see me. He then started to take off his Shirt. My eyes widened as i see those six packs and his large chest muscles. Then he started to take of his shorts, i tried so much to look away but i just couldn't help it. He was now wearing only his boxers, and what really wowed me was that bulge on his boxers, i could imagine how big "he" was. Then i said to myself " Ara what are you doing! You only have 40 days here on this planet and your here staring at a man getting naked, get your priorities straight girl,". Then Tristan entered his Bathroom. My mind was thinking of following him there, then i immediately slap my self and say to myself "No! Be good! Your here for your sister!". Then i walked outside the room and took a peek at Kiara, she was still sleeping, so i decided to explore the house and enter every room. I went inside the doctor's room and it was very enclosed the curtains were closed the room paint was black the furniture was black, it felt like a dark room, only the light switch gave it some light. Then the doctor came in he looked like he was in a hurry, then he walked up to his bookshelves and pull out a book. It then opened a secret door behind the Bed of the doctor. I was shocked and curious, i followed the doctor and he was headed to a room that was much darker than his room. Four candles were lit up on the floor of the room. The room gave off a creepy vibe, i started to get scared, i felt a strange feeling like an energy surge just flown through me. It was like something big, -- something Demonic was walking behind me. I enter the room and the doctor took out a bowl and a knife he then wounded himself while i disgustedly closed my eyes. It looked like he didnt feel a thing. He let his blood drop on to the bowl until it was half full, he then spanked his own wound and crumpled his skin where the wound was, he shouted in pain. I was then shocked because, after he took our his hand the wound was gone, like it was never there. Then that feeling in me grew stronger, in fact it was so strong it was actually starting to hurt me inside my chest.
Then i saw a large shadow go behind the doctor, it was in a form of a person. The doctor then looked back and talked to this shadow.
Doctor: great one, i have brought a new sacrifice to repay my debt.
My eyes widened as i was wondering what in the world was going on.
Shadow: the master has no need for the girl, he is craving for the soul of your Son
Doctor: What!? Why my son?
Shadow: no more questions mortal! Be it your son's soul or your own.
Doctor: B-but i-i oh please great one not my son, i brought a perfectly suitable sacrifice who im sure the master will love. Please not my son.
Shadow: You Fool! You asked for a debt and now you cannot pay the price! Therefore now you shall give the master two souls! Your Son and the soul of the girl you have brought!
Doctor: please no, ill do anything!
Shadow: Silence it has been decided, by the second night from tonight you shall take both of them here and kill them inside the symbol. It wi--- wait, i sense a different energy here
Doctor: what do you mean?
Shadow: there is a soul here! One from the high realm! I shall leave now, remember your Sacrifice!

I got terrified when the shadow sensed that i was in the room. I actually started crying, then when he left i breathed a sigh of relief.
I was shocked and devastated when i hear the doctor wanted to kill my sister. The doctor then starts going back to his bedroom and i followed. I kept on saying to myself oh no what am i gonna do, im not able to tell my sister yet! There has to be something i can do!. The Doctor sits on his table and cries, Tristan then saw him crying and entered his room.

Tristan: Daddy whats wrong? Why are you crying?
Doctor: oh no son im not crying i uhh just dropped eye drop on my eye cause its itchy.
Tristan:sure Dad?
Doctor: yes son no need to worry
Tristan: okay Dad.
Day 2 of 39

The next day my sister talked to the doctor and asked when will i be buried, the doctor said that it was gonna be tomorrow, so i got excited. My sister then thanks the doctor and gets back up to her room. As i entered Kiara's room i see Tristan there talking to her.

Tristan: hey Kiara, how are you?
Kiara: oh hi Tristan im doing fine. I got settled in.
Tristan: that's great.
Kiara: yeah, your father says that tomorrow is the day were gonna bury my sister.
Tristan: oh im very sorry, what was your sister's name?
Kiara: her name was Ara
Tristan: wait what!?
Kiara: Why?
Tristan: nothing, uhh whats your last name?
Kiara: Clinton, Kiara Clinton
Tristan: is your sister Ara Clinton?
Kiara: Yes, wait you know my sister?
>>>>To be continued part 4<<<<

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