Part 4: He found out

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Tristan looked at Kiara so shocked and full of questions,

Tristan: Uh.. yeah i know her...
Kiara: what!? How?
Tristan: were classmates in our school, we all are wondering why she didnt come to school anymore.
Kiara was shocked, she didnt know she was talking to one of my classmates.
Tristan and Kiara kept on talking again about on how i died, they talked for a long time.
Tristan: well im very sorry for your loss, but i have to go tho school now, and i might as well inform my classmates and teachers about her death.
Kiara: yeah thank you, by!
Tristan walked out the room with a sad face, i could see his face still full of shock!

Tristan Point of view*
I was so shocked, i never expected that Ara was gone, its so devastating. The only girl ive been interested in ever since 1st year.
I cried in my car on the way to school, i still couldn't believe what happened. I arrived at school late, and Miss Eleanor was already giving out her homework that she wanted us to do. When i entered the room, all eyes were fixed on me. Miss Eleanor then said,

Miss Eleanor: well, look who decided to show up, why are you late Tristan?
I didnt answer, as i slowly made my way to my chair. She noticed i was crying.

Miss Eleanor: Tristan dear, why are you crying? Is something wrong?
I still didnt answer. She then called me to her desk at the back of the class and we talked there.
Miss Eleanor: Tristan whats wrong?
Me: i-ii-its Ara
Miss Eleanor: what about Ara?
Me: Maam, shes --- shes,
Miss Eleanor: She's what? (She said in a worrying voice)
Me: Shes Dead! ( I shouted as all my classmates looked back at us)
Miss Eleanor: what? How? When?
I then explained it to Miss Eleanor, she then reported it to the class.

The whole classroom was silent for a couple of minutes, while everyone still couldn't take the news, some even started crying.
Elizabeth, one of my classmates then asked me,"when is the burial?", I replied "Tomorrow at the Public cemetery", "Fine then i will go," she said in a crying voice.
After the news was out, the remaining class hours were dedicated by Maam Eleanor to Ara as she let us all say a couple of prayers and messages.

Kiara point of view*
I get out of bed after sleeping for 3 hours. I then go down stairs to get me a little snack from the fridge. As i was making my way back upstairs, Tristan came in, looking tired. So i greeted him at the door and helped him with his bag on the way to his room. I put his bag down and he thanks me and i go back to my room and lie down.

Tristan point of view*
It was an emotional yet tiring day at school, Mrs Eleanor got us doing a lot of stuff for Ara, like making memorials, printing pictures and all that shit. I come home and Kiara greets me at the door. She helps me with my bag and brings it upto my room then she left. She is almost as beautiful as her sister. I take of my Uniform, pants then boxers and step into the shower.

Ara Point of view*
I spent the whole day worrying about the sacrifice, i was so worried and afraid. I didnt want my sister to die so early. I want her to live life first, i want her to finish college first, and maybe even lose her virginity to a man she thinks is the one, i dont know. I kept on thinking what could i do, especially that the sacrifice is tomorrow night! I was so worried, while staring at my sister.

Kiara point of view*
When i helped Tristan with his bag and upto his room, i just couldn't stop staring at him, he was so damn attractive! So much more handsome than Lester, that bitch ass- son of a b*itch. I didnt know why but i feel horny as fuck. So i decided to play with myself. I close the door gently and shut the windows. I lay down on the bed and reach down towards my "flower" and gently rub it. It felt so good, i imagined it was Tristan. I was whispering his name "oh Tristan yes!" "Oh yeah", i was making myself feel good.

Tristan point of view*

I get out of the shower and put a towel around my waist, i walk to my cabinet and take out some fresh pair of boxers and a plain white t-shirt and small shorts. As i was  getting dressed i hear Kiara from her room. i thought she was talking to someone, i slowly walk myself towards her door, it was open slightly. I peeked behind the door and i saw her moaning and rubbing herself as she was speaking my name. I could tell she was enjoying what she was doing, not that i don't. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her toes curled in pleasure. I couldn't help myself and open the door.
She jumped up and was shocked. I carefully close the door behind me and locking it.
And she was sitting at her bed asking how long have i been watching her, i simply say "long enough".

Tristan: so you've been fantasizing about me, huh?
Kiara: im very sorry, i really am.
Tristan: don't worry, i cant say that i didnt like it, smiles*
Kiara: uhmm what are you saying?
Tristan: you like me?
Kiara: uhmm...
Tristan: come on, say it
Kiara: uhh y-yess
Tristan: well, i think im starting to like you too,
Kiara: Really? Why?
Tristan: you look as beautiful as your sister, and i had a long crush on your sister.
Kiara: you did? Really now?
Tristan: yes i did.
The Atmosphere in the room started getting hotter as Tristan and Kiara started getting closer to each other.
Tristan: do you wanna try my finger out?
It might feel different from yours,
Kiara: aren't you a bad boy?
Tristan: for you, i am.
They both started kissing, and they lay each other down at the bed. Tristan slowly reaches his hand into Kiara's shorts and going under her panties.
Kiara starts moaning in pleasure, saying "do it Tristan please," she said in a seductive voice. Tristan then starts rubbing Kiara's "flower". As the Atmosphere got hotter, Kiara then flips Tristan over until she was on top of him and ---

Part 5 Upcoming!

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