Part 1: Night of Blood

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6:00 AM Alarm rings*

I gently get out of bed, reaching out my hand towards the alarm clock to turn it off.
The Mornings the same as usual, traffic sounds outside, you can hear cooking sounds from downstairs, and birds chirping from outside the window sill. I get out of bed, take out a towel from my cabinet and go to the bathroom to take a shower. My Sister Kiara comes in my room and calls me for breakfast. I simply say that im still showering. After taking a shower i change into my school uniform and head down for breakfast. I just love the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning. I sit down at the table with my sister and eat breakfast.

Someone Knocks on the Door*
Kiara: Ill get it
Kiara opened the door and it was her boyfriend Lester.
Lester: Hey babe are you ready to go?
Kiara: Just wait a second babe ill be out in a minute.
Lester: alright ill be waiting here then.

Kiara and Lester have been together for 3 years now, and their relationship is good. They rarely fight, but when they do, they fix it right away. Kiara quickly finishes her meal up and hugs me goodbye. Then i accompany her outside and she gets into Lester's car then there they go. I get back inside the house and close the door. I put mine and my sister's plate on the sink and wash them. Then i get back upstairs, take my school bag, lock the door of the house and get on a taxi on the way to School.

When i arrived at school it was already 7:30 am. I get out of the Taxi and run as fast as i can towards my Classroom. As i was running through the Hallway, i tripped on a  broken tile piece from our floor. I fell and my things scattered across the floor. I quickly got up and started picking up my things. A boy came upto me and said "Do you need help?,". I look up and it was my classmate Tristan. I declined and insisted he should get to class, despite me saying no,
he picked up my bag and helped me pick up my stuff. I thanked him and we both got to class. When we entered the room, surprisingly our Teacher Ma'am Eleanor
wasn't there yet. The whole room was noisy.
When i sat down i couldn't help but notice Tristan constantly staring at me from behind. I tried to ignore it at first but i cant take the thought out of mind, "Why is he staring at me?, Is there something on my face? Is there something on my Clothes? What? Why?".


The Bell rang and maam Eleanor never came. The whole classroom was happy including me, a whole schedule without class!

As i was walking towards the school exit Tristan poked me.
Looks Back*
Tristan: Hey ARA!
Me: Oh hey Tristan
Tristan: where are you headed?
Me: Im heading home, you?
Tristan: Didn't you hear about the Carnival at Terraleaf Park?
Me: Oh yeah? What about it?
Tristan: Do you wanna come with me?, Ill pay for the rides and the taxi.
Me: Thanks Tristan, but i really should be going home right now, i have to make sure my sister is already home, and i have to prepare Dinner, i'm very sorry maybe next time, okay?
Tristan: Oh, its alright. Well see you tomorrow Ara!
Me: See you too. Bye!

I got on a taxi and head my way Home. When i arrived, the house was still dark, its clear that Kiara hasn't come home yet. It was still early so i prepared Dinner and watched some TV while waiting for Kiara.
It was already 6:00 PM and Kiara still hasn't come home i started to get worried. As i was about to call her on the Phone, she arrived crying. I quickly meet her at the door and brought her down to sit at the couch.
Me: Kiara, what happened to you?
Why are you crying?
Kiara: i-ii-its Lester,
Me: Why? What did he do to you?
Kiara: he ch-cheated on me!
Me: What! With who?
Kiara: it was with a girl from my school, i don't know the name.
Me: After all the years you both have been together, how could he do this to you?
Kiara: I don't know.
Me: Hush now, ill talk to him, but for now lets eat Dinner it might make you feel better.

Me and Kiara ate Dinner, but her tears kept falling, i could tell she was so hurt. My anger really enraged at Lester for what he had done to Kiara. After Dinner i lay my sister down to sleep and soon after she fell asleep i started to drift off to sleep to.
A loud rattling sound woke me up it was around 2:00 AM in the morning. I opened my drawer and took out the gun my father gave me before he and mother died. I slowly made my way down the stairs, the Kitchen light was on. I hid behind the wall and was getting ready to point the gun at the person in the Kitchen, as i was about to look behind the wall, the person grabbed my hand, and threw the gun at the floor.
The man was wearing a mask. He Quickly threw me up on the wall and picked up the gun. As he was about to shoot me, Kiara pushed the man towards the sink. She helped me get up. Then he pulled Kiara and threw her on the table. I Quickly took a knife and stabbed the man in the back. I then went to Kiara and helped her get on her feet. Then he Shot me.
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