Part 2: Waking up asleep

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After i heard that loud gunshot, and my sister's scream. I felt myself crashing down on the floor and slowly losing my consciousness and slowly closing my eyes.
I was able to see my sister kick the man who shot me, (who was already lying on the floor). Then everything went Pitch black. I can still hear my sister crying, and the Ambulance and Police arriving. I heard the Siren and and the muffled voices of the nurses and doctors rushing me to the Operating room. Then i heard nothing.

Then Suddenly, out of the darkness i felt very light, lighter than a feather. Then i found myself inside the operating room but i could see the doctors and most surprising i could see myself surrounded by Nurses and Doctors. I could see my Sister outside the door, crying. I didnt known what was happening, i felt terrified. I tried to talk to one of the nurses but everytime i talk to them they wouldn't answer. It was as if i wasnt there. What terrified me even more is that i couldn't touch anything and anyone in the room. Then i heard the Heartbeat monitor go flat, and then the doctor announced me as dead. I kept on saying, Hey im here, im not dead, whats wrong with you im over here! Then i saw my sister crying and screaming over my body. As i was about to go near her, unexpectedly i was flown through the roof. I was headed to a very bright and shiny place. Then i stopped, i found myself alone in the middle of a terrain of clouds, inside the sky. Then a bright figure came to me, it was a star shaped spark of light that floated towards me. Then upto my amazement it talked.

Star: Ara, you have passed from the earthly life, you are now in Spiritual form.
Me: Excuse me but where am i? And who are you?
Star: For now you are not allowed to know who i am, but in time you will know. You are in the Border between life and death.
Me: Am i Dead?
Star: you are.
Me: No that cant be, i cant be dead.
Star: You are worried, tell me why?
Me: i still have a sister, her name is Kiara. No one will take care of her.
Star: You and your Sister have shown great love and affection for each other since your Parents died.
Me: Yes we've been looking after each other ever since they died.
Star: Very well then, i will give you 40 days to roam around the earth in spirit form. But after 40 days you will be sent back here for your final judgement.
Me: Really? Thank you so much! Will i be able to talk to my sister?
Star: Yes, and you are visible, but only to her.
Me: You mean only my sister can see me? everybody else won't?
Star: Yes. Do you accept?
Me: Yes, with all my heart yes!
Star: very well, although you aren't allowed to talk to your sister before you are buried.
Me: Why not?
Star: There is no need to know why. Now do you see that Tree there up on the hill?
Me: Yes, i see it.
Star: Climb that tree and when you reach the last branch, let go of it and fall. This is what you must do to get back to your home.
Me: Alright then ill do it.

I climbed the tree branch by branch, it was a bit taller than i expected. When i reached the last branch i was very freightend because it was so tall and the fall from that height looked very blood curdling. But i had to do it for my Sister. Then i let go of the Branch. What i thought would be a long fall, turned out to be a 2 second leap. I reached the ground very quickly. I was at the same tree in Terraleaf Park. I saw the Carnival rides, the Ferris wheel, the carousel and i saw Tristan. He was giving out Pop corn and Cotton Candy to the kids who were begging for food. I wanted to talk to him so bad but i remembered that only my sister can see me. So i rush my way towards the Hospital. When i arrived my sister was crying and i could tell she was in grief. I saw my body wrapped in a white sheet that was wet because of my sister's tears. I wanted to comfort her so bad but i remembered what the star told me, that i had to wait until i was buried. All i could do was sit beside her until a nurse and a doctor came inside the Room. The nurse came and took my body to the morgue, while the doctor spoke with my sister.
Doctor: Hello kid, whats your name?
Kiara: My name is Kiara
Doctor: Okay Kiara, how old are you?
Kiara: Im 17 years old
Doctor: How are you related to the patient?
Kiara: Shes my Sister
Doctor: Where are you Parents?
Kiara: We don't have parents, they died years ago in a car accident.
Doctor: Oh im sorry to hear that, who has been taking care of you ever since your parents died?
Kiara: Nobody, me and my Sister have been taking care of each other, all these years.
Doctor: Really? Not even grandparents? or Aunts? or Uncles?
Kiara: No one,our parents were hated by the rest of the family, that's why when they died no one wanted to take care of us, that's why my Sister had to get a Job and i started on working a little bit to help earn money too. But it all worked out for us.
Doctor: what are you planning to do now that you're sister's gone? Whos gonna bury your sister?
Kiara: I don't know what to do, im just stuck. Im Frozen.
Doctor: You can live with me, ill pay for the burial needs of your sister.
Kiara: Really? Are you sure?
Doctor: Yes, i do have a son near your age
Kiara: Really Doctor! Oh thank you! Thank you so much!

When the Doctor said that he would take care of Kiara and my Burial, i was so delighted and happy. But there is still a certain feeling in me that is still there. Its like an empty feeling.
Day 39 of 40
The Next day my sister packed all of her things and took some of mine and readied herself to move to the Doctor's house.
The Doctor sent a Moving van to carry all our stuff to their house. I looked around at the Doctor's House and it was large. It had lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, it had a Pool, it was like a Modern day Mansion.
Then i saw the Doctor's son, i was surprised and shocked because it was...
>>>>Part 3 Upcoming<<<<

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