Seeking Refuge and Old Enemies

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Zuko, Iroh, and I decided to leave. 

I don't think we knew where we were going. 

Zuko and Iroh were on the Ostrich Horse while I walked. I didn't particularly want to cram three people on one poor animal. The horse was fine, but it's no Appa. 

Iroh fake moaned in pain for every step the horse took. Drama queen. 

I rolled my eyes, and Zuko let out an exasperated sigh, "Maybe we should make camp." Zuko said, unenthusiastically. 

"No please, don't stop just for me!" Iroh exclaimed. 

Ok... sure old man.

Iroh let out a few more theatric groans of pain. Zuko pulled at the reigns of the horse, clearly annoyed. Then the ostrich horse jolted to the side, clearly alarmed. Zuko took a defensive position, and they both got off the horse.

"What now?" Iroh asked, annoyed. 

"I don't know, but I am so tired of fighting. And I love fighting!" I faked a whiny voice. 

Five people on rhinos emerged from the forest, surrounding us. 

"Colonel Mongke! What a pleasant surprise!" Iroh said, enthusiastically. 

"If you're surprised we're here, then the Dragon of the West has lost a few steps," I'm guessing that was Colenel Mongke. 

"You know these guys?" Zuko asked, turning to his Uncle. 

"Sure. Colonel Mongke and the Rough Rhinos are legendary. Each one is a different kind of weapon specialist." Iroh said. I looked around, each of the members of the group had their own weapon. "They are also a very capable singing group." Iroh added. 

"I don't think that last part was necessary, Iroh." I said.

"One's musical talents are always necessary."

The Colonel raised his hands, ready to fire bend, "We're not here to give a concert. We're here to apprehend fugitives!"

"Hey! That was kind of rude. You hurt my feelings." I said sarcastically.

"Would you like some tea first? I'd love some. How about you, Kahchi? I make you as a jasmine man. Am I right?" Iroh turned to the members. 

"Enough stalling! Round 'em up!" Mongke said. 

I sighed, "you know, I was really having a good day." I used water, and blue fire, to assume my octopus form. I really was getting good at this blue fire thing. 

"You guys have the Dual Bender with you? Even better." He grinned. 

The archer shot an arrow at Zuko who knocked it away easily and created a fire blast. Iroh used chain from someones weapon and wrapped it around the rhino, causing the rhino to run wildly off course, way into the distance. Iroh waved bye as they left. 

A man blasted fire at me, catching me off guard. I dodged it, but barely. I screamed in pain as the fire grazed my shoulder. 

"(Y/N)!" Zuko exclaimed.

I used water to grab the man by his ankles then slashed at him with fire, before throwing him into a tree. 

"Nice, one," Zuko said, smiling at me. 

"Thanks." I grinned before bringing a streak of fire onto a rhino. Iroh and Zuko jumped on the ostrich horse, ready to escape. I used fire to run faster, and we all fled. 

The Rough Rhinos followed us in pursuit, they threw a grenade, but we used the smoke to stay hidden and effectively escape. Idiots.

"It's nice to see old friends." Iroh said. 

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