**Author's note**

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That's it for Is This Seat Taken?, and it's been such an amazing journey. I want to thank each and every one of you that has read this from the bottom of my heart; you guys make this fun and I love all of you! I can't believe that my writing has gained so much attention. Every comment makes me smile and blush and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have finished this story without my fabulous readers!

And now for what you really want to hear:


There will be a sequel coming either later this year or early 2015! It won't be even half as long as this one but I promise you'll love it!

So that officially concludes this story, I hope you all have had just as good a time reading it as I've had writing and I sincerely hope I've done the characters justice. It's been a long journey with Tom and Gabi, and it's not quite over yet! Look out for "Even Now", coming out *hopefully* later this year!

All my love and more,

Gabi <3

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