There is one thing...

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The next day was fairly relaxed, we all stayed in and enjoyed each other's company. It was the last day Tom and I would be staying there; we had to head out the next morning. It was hard to believe that we had been there for nearly 3 weeks, and looking around the living room that evening, it hit me how much I would miss everyone. Their company over the past few weeks had been wonderful, and it made me miss my family even more. 

After we had been sitting around for about an hour, Tom's mother asked if I had ever seen Tom play the piano. 

I looked at him, surprised, "I didn't even know you played."

He blushed, his humility clear as he politely declined a concert, but his mother wouldn't have it, practically dragging him to the piano bench in the corner. Tom laid his long fingers on the keys and began to play. I was astounded at the melodies that floated through the room, so complex and beautiful. He looked so natural sitting there.

While he played, his eyes never left mine, a shy smile on his face. He finished the number and we all clapped. Tom looked properly abashed, another blush coloring his cheeks. "How could you not tell me you played the piano Tom?" I asked, still smiling.

"It just never came up I guess," he chuckled. As he spoke, his fingers mindlessly formed another tune.

Tom played a few more songs, before everyone admitted to being in need of some sleep. We left and went to bed. 

As I sat against the headboard of Tom's bed that night, waiting for him to finish brushing his teeth, I looked around the room at all the pictures of Tom from when he was young, smiling broadly with his signature blonde curls. When he came out, he noticed the grin on my face and asked, "What is it?"

"Nothing," I whispered, "I'm going to miss this place." 

"Thank you again for coming," Tom replied. I turned to face him and he caught me off guard by saying, "I wish I could repay you for doing this for me."

"You don't need to repay me Tom, how many times do I have to tell you that?" I assured him. Then, I was suddenly struck by an idea. Usually I didn't do things like this, but I felt bold that night for some reason. "I can think of one thing you could do for me though." 

Tom caught my meaning so easily that it seemed he was thinking the same way. He leaned over and kissed me with a groan of pleasure. I pulled myself closer to him, wanting all the space between us to disappear. Suddenly, my hand slipped off the edge of the bed, causing me to fall onto my back. The pause in our contact was brief. Tom rested both hands on either side of my head and dipped his head to meet our lips again. I tangled my hands in his hair, pulling him down to me. Tom laid beside me on the bead and lifted me almost effortlessly on top of him. My loose hair fell around us like a curtain, and I could feel his hands on my waist holding me to him. 

I felt Tom's lips separate themselves from mine, only to run tantalizing kisses down my neck and collarbone before he laid back and sighed deeply. I shifted so that we were beside each other again as his arms wrapped around me. "Goodnight Gabi, sleep well my love."

"Mmmm," I sighed. I would definitely miss this. 

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