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We walked back to the house arm in arm, giggling like fools. I still couldn't wrap my head around how perfect this was, it was like every puzzle piece had settled into its place, and the happiness overwhelmed me. The smile that had been on my face for the last several hours refused to fade. 

When we finally reached the back door, Tom unwound his arm from my own, and instead slipped his hand into mine. I was still smiling when he opened the door and led me into the kitchen. "Oh hey you two, we were wondering if we'd have to come get you," Emma laughed from the table.

"Yeah," said Tom's mom, "You've been gone for hours, what happened to you two?"

Tom and I exchanged glances and burst out laughing. When we finally regained our composure, Tom's sisters and mother were looking at us, obviously awaiting an explanation. "We had a great time," Tom said, never taking his eyes off me. They still just looked at us, knowing there was something neither of us had said. Again, Tom spoke before I could "We're uh...we're in love." He stated it so simply, like it was as simple a fact as the sky being blue. 

"And...?" asked Sarah. They were all still waiting expectantly. "Oh. My. God." she piped up again after a few moments. "You two just figured it out?"

We both blushed. "Was it that obvious?" I couldn't remember acting at all different toward Tom the night before. 

"Please. You were both looking at each other and grinning constantly. It was sickening." Tom and I both burst into hysterics again, doubled over and shaking with laughter. The other girls joined in, and soon they were joking around with us again.

We settled back into the same easy conversation as the previous night, and I felt so at home. Every time I was given the opportunity to speak to Tom's sisters and mother, I felt like they considered me a part of their family. They were all so sweet and I felt honored to be able to spend time with them. Soon, dinner was served and the conversation continued to flow as effortlessly as before, until the sun had long since set.

"I'm exhausted, you'll have to excuse me, I have to get to bed," I said. The lack of sleep from the night before was catching up to me and I felt my eyelids growing heavy. Everyone else agreed, and we all went our separate ways. Tom followed me upstairs, and we both got ready for sleep. When we climbed into the bed, I felt Tom move to press his chest against my back. His arms came around me and I felt more secure than I had ever felt.

A hum rumbled through his chest, vibrating against my spine. I felt his lips press themselves against the back of my neck and then move to my shoulder. I twisted around, and kissed him. This kiss didn't last as long as the previous kisses we had shared, but the taste of him lingered on my lips long after he had said, "Goodnight my darling. All the sweetest dreams." With thoughts of Tom's sweet lips and the sound of his sonorous voice drifting through my mind, I allowed sleep to take me.

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