A good thing

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Life continued much the same as those couple of days for the next several months. Tom and I hung out every day. We studied together at the library, hung out at each other's dorms, and took walks around campus all the time. I cooked dinner for him almost every day too.

I couldn't get over this feeling that I had known Tom for years. Our personalities meshed so flawlessly, it felt like we had grown up together.

I think everyone in the entire school thought we were nuts, always walking around together laughing at jokes only we thought were funny, but for the most part people left us alone.

One day, while we were walking near the north end of campus, Tom asked, "So, you've been here for three and a half months, how do you like England?"

"I love it. This campus is gorgeous and I can't get enough of the people with lovely accents and the food is great and the weather is nice. What's not to love?"

"No, I mean how do you like the country? Not just the school. Before that, how did you like it when you visited?" Tom prompted.

"I'd never been here before I came to school Tom," I answered, giggling at his shocked face.

"Really? You just came here, moved to a different country, without having seen it in person first?"

"Yeah," I admitted, a little embarrassed, "I mean, I wanted to go here, but didn't have the time or money to fly out just to visit."

"So you've never seen anything other than the campus?"

"Nope! I was thinking that I may go to see the city over Easter holiday in a couple of weeks," I said.

"Screw your solo trip to the city. I'm going to take you on a road-trip to all my favorite places," Tom said.

"No, you must have plans to go see your family or something, I can't let you do that," I argued.

"I promise, I've nothing planned. Pack your bags Gabs, we're going to see England in two weeks!"

The rest of the walk, we talked about what we were going to do on our trip. I said I would make the mix tapes, and Tom volunteered his car. We were both so excited, and I couldn't wait for the next two weeks to pass.

After he dropped me off back at my dorm, I did a little happy dance in the entryway. I couldn't believe that I was going to get to see England with my best friend! I immediately started making a list of things I would need. This was going to be awesome.

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