Timeless bliss

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My stomach growled, interrupting our moment. Seriously, now? I thought. Tom leaned away with a chuckle, "Should we break out the food then?" My cheeks flushed, but he didn't seem to notice as he bent down and began setting out the picnic he had packed.

We sat on a large blanket, enjoying the turkey sandwiches, salad, and wine he had brought. I felt like I wanted to sing, this was exactly how I wanted things to be between the two of us, and I still couldn't believe it was actually happening.

After we had finished the salad and sandwiches, along with almost half the bottle of wine, Tom reached into the basket once more. "What's a picnic without pudding?" I just laughed, knowing that Tom didn't ever eat a meal without some kind of dessert. This time, it was angel food cake and strawberries. He served it up and we both dug in.

When I had eaten all my dessert, I sat back, completely full. Glancing down at my watch, I noticed the time. "What time did we leave?"

"About eleven I think, why?"

"Tom, it's nearly 3 o'clock. We've been out her for about 4 hours!" I laughed. Had it really been so long since we had left the house? It felt like only moments since I had been pondering over what could be troubling Tom.

"I guess it's true what they say then, time flies when you're having fun." He cracked a smile, and I couldn't help but smile back. Suddenly, a thought struck me and I decided to be bold and act on it. I reached up, placed my hand on Tom's cheek, and connected my lips with his. His thoughts must have been aligned with mine, because he immediately reacted, laying back on the blanket and taking me with him. He held my body close as his hands rested at my hips, and then, in a sudden movement, flipped over, never breaking the contact between us. Now my back was to the ground and he knelt above me. I let my hands roam over his chest, loving the feel of him. I slowly sat up, and he leaned back at just the same time. There was a spark in Tom's eyes that I had never seen before. His face was red, his shirt half untucked, and his hair mussed. His eyes raked me once up and down, sending a fierce blush across my cheeks. I stood up, brushed myself off, and tried to fix my knotted hair. 

By the time I felt at least somewhat presentable, Tom had packed away everything that was left from our meal, and was standing waiting for me. "Shall we go back? They're probably worrying about us," I said. 

"Yes, we probably should," responded Tom. He offered me his arm. The gesture made me think of Mr. Darcy, which made me smile as I intertwined my arm with his, and let him lead me back through the woods to the house. 

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