Chapter 12: Mike, Sam And You

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We are walking through the cave.
"how do you guess our odds right now?" I ask.
Mike sighs.
"I don't like to think about that" he says.
Suddenly we hear some noises.
"Sam is that you?" I say.
First no answer, but then we hear Sam scream our names.
"Y/N, Mike come quick!"
We start running as fast as we can and we find Sam looking at the ground.
She points towards a necklace on the ground.
"this is Beth's necklace" Sam says and points at it.
Mike picks it up and carefully opens the locket.
There's a picture of her and Hannah in it.
"jup, this is Beth her necklace"he  says.
" poor Beth" I say.
Mike puts the necklace in his pocket and we walk further.
"look guys, I see something on the ground" I say and point at the ground.
We walk to it and see a book laying on the ground.
San picks it up. "it's Hannah's diary" she says.
She starts turning the pages. "oh my God" she says.
"what does it say?" I ask.

Sam starts to read the journal that Hannah wrote:

Day 1

My little sister is dead. The fall killed her... I watched the color drain from her face. My leg is broken. I'm all alone, stuck here with Beth's body. Someone will come soon.

Day 5

I've never been so HUNGRY. It feels like my stomach is twisting around inside. I took Beth's sweater. Much warmer now. She's still looking out for me.

Day 30

I'm sorry Beth. I have no choice. I'm DYING. It's the only way I can survive any more. If someone finds this I'm SORRY. I had to. I had no choice. Forgive me Beth. I'm sorry.

Day 33

My hands feel unclean.

My nails fell out PUSHED OUT

I am aching but no more COLD NO PAIN

I am getting stronger!!

Day Unknown

(Further writing devolves into scrawls)

The entire page is crisscrossed with dark black lines, with the faint view of the words "HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER" and "BETH".

"omg poor Hannah, she must have felt so alone down here" Sam says.
"and scared" Mike says.

Suddenly we hear a high pitched scream coming from the distant

"we need to keep going" Mike says.
We walk towards a little shed and open the door.
Suddenly water flows out of the shed towards us.
Mike, Sam And I start to scream.
We then walk inside and see the body of the strange man hanging from the ceiling, missing his head.
Sam and I start to scream.
"oh my God.... No no no" Mike says.
We quickly walk past the body.
"d-did you see that?" I say, still a little shocked.
Sam and Mike nod.
We just stand there, processing what had just happend.
Suddenly we hear some mumbling and screaming.
"no no no no no" the voice says.
The voice comes from behind the wooden fence.
We take a peek through the fence and see Josh.
"oh my God that's Josh" I say.
"what is he doing?" Mike ask.
"he has gone mad I think" Sam says.
We walk through the gate, towards to Josh.
"Josh, it's us buddy" Mike says.
Josh keeps mumbling to himself, doesn't notice us.
"what is happening to him?" I ask.
"I think he's stuck" Mike says.
Mike waves his hand in front of Josh's face.
"he's not responding" Sam says.
Then Mike slaps Josh in his face.
Josh shakes his head.
"Mike?" he says.
"Please don't hit me" Josh says.
"sorry buddy, but you were out of this world" Mike says.
Josh nods.
"we need to keep moving" Mike says.
"I'm going this way, maybe I will find someone from our group. If you guys go that way, maybe you will run into someone. I'll meet you guys back at the house" Sam says.
We nod.
"be careful Sam!" Mike says.
Sam nods and walks away.


1) Join Sam

2) Stay with Mike and Josh

×to be continued×

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