Chapter 11: Josh's Hallucination

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Wow it's really difficult to get all this chapters right and make a good story out of it in a wattpad version, but I'll try ahahha.
Sorry if it's not completely right but I'm trying 😬


I fall Into the cave on the ground.
I groan out in pain.
I look around, but it's really dark.
I start to walk, feeling overwhelmed by this whole situation.
I hear voices.
"H-hello?" I say. Nothing.
I keep walking and suddenly out of a dark corner appears someone.
It's my dead sister Beth. "Josh!" she says.
I stumble back and almost trip.
"no no no no no!" I scream.
"we were all alone down here" Beth says.
"no, not again. This isn't real" I say and I keep walking. Beth has disseapered.
I keep walking and suddenly dead Beth and dead Hannah stand in front of me.
"all alone Josh" they say together.
"but you're with us now" Hannah says.
"get away from me.... Get away!" I scream, on the verge of crying.
"who didn't you save us Josh?" Beth says.
"why did you want us to die Josh?" Hannah says.
"but I-I didn't" I say.
"I swear" I say.

Then Hannah and Beth vanish. I shake my head and keep walking.
Suddenly the wall starts moving.
The wall splits in two part and a pigs head appears out of the wall.
I start to scream as loud as I can.
The pigs head falls down and I punch it away.
"oh my God!" I say.
Out of the dead pigs head appears Hannah and Beth again. They look at me and suddenly they start ripping their skin off and now I can only see their bones.
"why are you doing this, leave me alone!" I scream.
And then I see a wendigo's head coming out of the wall.
"Josh, Josh!" I hear someone scream my name.
Suddenly someone slaps my face and I come back to the real world.

× to be continued ×

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