Fantasy Shortlist

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The results for the category Fantasy are in and can I just say: WOW! These scores were not just very high, but also incredibly close! Congratulations on everyone who made it through to the third and last round. 

One last thing, a word of warning to contestants: Please do not unfollow your judges during the judging process. You will be disqualified without warning, as mentioned before. So are the rules. 

Without further ado, here is in no particular order the list of those who made it through to round 3.


♨ NoNameIsWorkin - The Day I Die

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♨ NoNameIsWorkin - The Day I Die

♨ xohrats - When Night Comes

♨ TheNightSong - A Remnant Of Fire

♨ LennoxFields - Crown of Roses

♨ amyrobinnz - Grendilton: rise of the shadows

♨ ray_of_sunshine9 - The Sea Thief

♨ Lady_Rhey - Blood Wars: The Elder Cycle

♨ rafaela_bara - Faithless: Book 1

♨ Amaboo - Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist

♨ Last_Apprentice - His Queen


Congrats to all the authors who made it into Round 3! Judges, you may now begin judging the third and last round. Make sure to check the judging information chapter for the rubric.

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