Romance Longlist

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Hello everyone and welcome back! Our judges are super speedy and have already gotten us the results of the Romance category back :) Here they are. 

Here's the list of authors who qualified for the next round. 


♨ queen_of_sass - Wickedly Yours

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queen_of_sass - Wickedly Yours

SophieAbnegation - Sky of No Hope

bidiyakdamian - Burn For You

ACampbellAuthor - Angel Dust

TasSingh - Direction

Imperfetto_Tesoro - His Queen Her King

LillyMHenderson - Unexpected

KimberlyTanithMarie - The Heart of Moss

ItzOffixial - Sissy Boy

♨ Fenda3 - A Second Chance At Love

lily97000 - Half Hope, Half Love

anonymouss18 - Inning of Love

lovecrash101 - His Lips

_ScarlettWilson_ - Bringing The Nation's Husband Home

JananiPalpandi - Forever With You


This list is not in any particular order.

Congrats to all the authors who made it into Round 2! Judges, you may now begin judging the second round. Make sure to check the judging information chapter for the rubric. 

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