Paranormal longlist

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Hello everyone and welcome back! We are back with another round of results, this time with the paranormal longlist :) Here they are.

Here's, in no particular order, the list of authors who qualified for the next round.


♨ AmyMarieZ - Beneath the Vaults

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♨ AmyMarieZ - Beneath the Vaults

♨ nonameleftxx - The Tangled Princess

♨ traci_edmunds - The Red Guard: Vampire Hunters of Vatican City 

♨ Evenstar606 - Shire Bottom Chronicles

♨ MaddieBrinn - They Know Me

♨ ChloeLeia561 - Shadowbrook: Once Hungry, Twice Bitten

♨ Imperfetto_Tesoro - The Alpha's Unexpected Savior 

♨ MA1Mathews - Red Ruin

♨ FanGirlNerd_03 - The Beta's Human 

♨ QueenVadamerca - Written In Blood 

♨ EmmaConnolly379 - Hunter's Shadow

♨ Becky_B13 - Saint Haven Academy

♨ poketro1673 - Lone

♨ frappucchinocafe - Psychic Detective Team

♨ lekro01 - Where is your MOM?


Congrats to all the authors who made it into Round 2! Judges, JadedElegance and bleeding_black13, you may now begin judging the second round. Your deadline for round 2 is August 4th. Make sure to check the judging information chapter for the rubric. Happy judging!

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