Fantasy Longlist

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Hello everyone and welcome back! Thanks to our lovely judges we have the results for a second category out, this time it's Fantasy! Here they are.

In no particular order, here's the list of authors who qualified for the next round.


♨ Simply_Hiraeth - As the Crow Flies

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♨ Simply_Hiraeth - As the Crow Flies

♨ NoNameIsWorkin - The Day I Die

♨ xohrats - When Night Comes

♨ TheNightSong - A Remnant Of Fire

♨ LennoxFields - Crown of Roses

♨ amyrobinnz - Grendilton: rise of the shadows

♨ ray_of_sunshine9 - The Sea Thief

♨ Lady_Rhey - Blood Wars: The Elder Cycle

♨ rafaela_bara - Faithless: Book 1

♨ beltheshell - The Crown Of Ezalade

♨ riyamcyriac - Of Suns and Spirits

♨ Amaboo - Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist

♨ Last_Apprentice - His Queen

♨ lekro01 - Tears of a lost soul

♨ Skysuzuki123 - The Thrills Of Sky Suzuki: Demon Highschool


Congrats to all the authors who made it into Round 2! Judges, you may now begin judging the second round. Make sure to check the judging information chapter for the rubric.

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