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I was hanging out at Jason and Toddy's house on my phone relaxing on the couch. I couldn't stop staring at the huge painting of David on the wall and it was starting to freak me out. I got up from the couch and walked over to Toddy's keyboard. I sat down and just started messing around with the keys. I wasn't really trying to play it correctly I was just messing with it. "Hey baby." Toddy said when he saw me. "Hey babe." I said not looking away from the keyboard. "What're you doing?" He asked chuckling. "I'm just messing around." I said.

Toddy sat beside me on the seat and started playing and I watched him. He was so good at it and I could tell he was really concentrated on it while playing. "Teach me." I said. "Alright, you'll have to pay me though I just don't hand out free lessons." He said. I kissed his cheek gently and looked at him. "That enough?" I asked. "Nope, but I'll take it." He said. I chuckled and then he showed me where to place my fingers. He told me when to play what note and eventually I got the hang of it.

"Nice job y/n, soon you'll be able to play just like me." He said playing it fluently. "Show off." I said. Toddy looked at me and I laughed. "You don't deserve to be around my keyboard, shoo!" He said. I chuckled and got up and gave him a kiss on the head before going to our room.

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