First Encounter

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Walking down the street, you mindlessly wandered about the middle of the road with an empty shopping cart, it was a little busted and slightly rusted from previous rainfall, however, it was larger than an average cart and that mattered more to you than the quality of it.

Wasn't that a living saying? Quantity over quality? 

Throughout the whole street, all you could hear was the rattling of the cart and the occasional groan of a zombie, perhaps one would growl at the sight of you, recognizing your movements as belonging to that of prey, but a good growl of your own was enough to dissuade them from approaching.

It has now been a few months since you've come to terms with your death.

Sure, you still kinda wished you were alive sometimes but- after a couple of weeks you found that being.. whatever you were, had some perks, and was a little bit better than being alive in some aspects.

Like, you still got hungry as one would guess, but you still had the appetite for regular food, and didn't need to prey on other people, so that was a major pro right there.

Plus, your body seemed to have adapted as well, a few days after you woke up, the numbness in your legs disappeared, and you no longer drooled as much, however, the lack of control in your fingertips and jaw was still present, so you couldn't speak like you used to anymore, that was permanent, probably..?

At least you could walk around and do other general things like a normal living person.

The best changes had to be the immunity to most pain, the super abnormal strength and the whole fact that none of the zombies saw you as an optional meal.

True, some of the more hungry ones would try to approach you out of curiosity, something like a shark bumping into a boat, but for some reason whenever you growled at them they would immediately keep their distance- as if they could understand you and know you weren't food, hell, you couldn't even understand yourself!

Hissing in a gurgle-sounding manner, you pushed the cart through the parking lot and stared up at the banged up supermarket.

The automatic doors were long since destroyed, and much of the nonperishable foods were already taken by scattered survivors, but there were still certain foods that has long outlived their demand scattered about inside.

Strolling in as if you were out doing chores- which you were, you just casually scanned the aisles for things that caught your eye or appetite.

Getting deeper and deeper into the store, your cart was around halfway full when you heard noise arise from the entrance, and your body became clammy at the sound of a living human voice.

"Yosh! Look at all this food!" The shout was quickly silenced by a stressed hiss, and on instinct, you hid behind a stack of cereals and faced the direction they were coming from carefully.

There was a group- which means if they saw you, the chances of you getting away were slim.

Not wanting your brains to be scrambled on the floor by a panicked human, you decided it was best to ditch the cart for today and leave with your half-life.

You certainly weren't in the mood to finally see if you could make it without a head or not.

So whilst keeping yourself as far away from the voices as possible, you tiptoed and sometimes crawled towards the entrance as they ventured deeper into the aisles.

"Hey! There's a super huge shopping cart here! And it's already full of food!"

Damn, there goes your convenient food transport.

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