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The next time he wakes up is nine hours later, in his own bed, alone. The sun isn't up yet, but it's close, just below the horizon. The world is lit in a pale silver glow.

Louis unbundles himself from the blankets and looks around the room, finding it depressingly void of his alpha friend. Oh well, last night was nice while it lasted. Now he's cold, even wrapped up in all these blankets, and maybe a little lonely too. But it's six in the morning and definitely too early to call someone to come over and cuddle with him.

He really needs a bondmate, probably.

He doesn't even know how it happens but somehow he ends up going through his closet and pulling out the softest clothes he can find, rearranging them on his bed until everything is perfect, scenting the items all the while. It would be nice to have a mate's scent mixed in, someone he loves enough to let into such a personal space. Whatever. He'll have to deal with just the smell of his omega self for now.

It's easier to fall back asleep surrounded by strategically placed clothes and blankets, feeling warm and safe.

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