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santana stared at her reflection in the silver mirror, her eyes filled with tears. "you're poor, and you're a slut, and you'll never amount to anything," she whispered to herself, repeating the words she'd heard told to her so many times.

she looked down at her hand-me-down clothes in disgust. all she longed for was to look pretty and wear the expensive, designer brands her friends did.

"santana!" a voice cried out from another room, "get your ass in here, you're almost late for school! and it's the first day!"

the girl sighed and walked silently into her living room, wiping her eyes. "sorry, i'm ready to go."

"are you crying?" her abuela mocked, "pathetic."

"i'm going to high school! i look like shi-"


"i'm sorry," santana whispered, "i just wish i had nice clothes, and good make up." fresh tears brimmed in the brunettes eyes.

"would you rather go to school naked?"

"n-no, of course not."

"well be grateful for what you have!" alma yelled, pushing her granddaughter into the nearest wall.

"i am, i'm sorry."

"get to school, try not to get pregnant."

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