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santana was the first to spanish, to make up for being late for math. she sat roughly in the middle. not the front, so she didn't seem too eager, and not too far back, so she didn't seem like she didn't care.

more people started to file into the classroom, brittany being one of them. the blonde's face lit up when she saw santana. "oh my god," she exclaimed, "we have another class together!"

santana raised her eyebrows. "hi?" she said, a questionable tone to her voice.

brittany sat down next to santana, "i'm so excited to have another class with you," she smiled cheerily, bringing out a rainbow and unicorn embezzled pencil case from her pink backpack.

santana tapped the end of her pen on the table while internally rolling her eyes. "why?" she questioned, "i thought you hated me."

brittany shrugged. "i don't. i think you're awesome. you're super hot, and you don't take shit from anyone," the blonde explained, "on the other hand, quinn definitely hates you."

santana sighed, blushing a little at brittany's compliments. "i don't understand why. i just told her to shut the fuck up."

"she wants to be head bitch around here," brittany explained, "she's threatened by you."

"threatened?" santana retorted, "as if. she's got the white privilege, and the rich privilege. why would she be threatened by a short latina with clothes from goodwill."

"you aren't that short," brittany shrugged. "you aren't as short as her." the blonde pointed to a brunette sitting in the front row, smiling and chatting the with the middle aged spanish teacher. she was wearing a reindeer sweater, in september, which made santana laugh internally.

"whatever," santana sighed.

"do you want to get lunch with me?" brittany asked.

santana was taken aback by this. "are you sure? i mean, look at me. i'm a bit of a loser."

"i don't care," brittany smiled, instinctively grabbing santana's hand, "meet me in the cafeteria at the beginning of lunch?"

santana's heart fluttered a little at the small contact, and all she could manage  was a small nod and a whispered, "okay."

for the rest of the period, the two girls stayed quiet, concentrating on their spanish worksheets. well, santana finished hers in ten minutes and spent the rest of the class doodling superheroes on the exercise book, and brittany spent almost all of the period silently copying santana's answers, and superhero drawings.

lunch finally rolled around and santana waited anxiously at the edge of the cafeteria. after a few minutes, brittany bounced up to the latina. to santana's misfortune, quinn had her elbow linked  with brittany's.

quinn snapped her head round to face brittany. "are you serious?!" she exclaimed, "when you said we were having lunch with your 'super hot, new best friend' i didn't think you meant her!" the blonde rolled her eyes, and turned around, dragging brittany with her.

the two didn't get far before brittany was dragging quinn back to santana. "quinn!" brittany hissed, "you don't get to decide who i sit with, and last time i checked, you don't have anyone else to sit with!"

quinn let out the most disgusted of groans. "fine!"

"yay!" brittany chirped, throwing her arms up. she span around and skipped off to find an empty table, her two new friends following behind, ever so unenthusiastically.

once the three were seated, brittany decided to strike up a conversation. "so who's trying out for the cheerios?"

santana giggled, "cheerios? isn't that, like, cereal?"

it was quinn's turn to laugh now. "who even are you?" the blonde chortled, nibbling at a chicken salad, "the cheerios are mckinley's cheerleading squad. they're national champions. only the best of the best make the team. i'm obviously trying out. what about you britt?"

santana rolled her eyes.

"of course i'm trying out," brittany smiled, tucking into her marshmallow sandwich. "i've been a dancer since i was like, a fetus or something. that's a baby, right?"

quinn grinned, "yay! at least i'll know one person at try outs. what about you, ratbag, are you trying out?"

santana rolled her eyes. "my name is santana, dumbass," the brunette hissed, "and i'm gonna take a hard pass. i'm not too keen on the idea of jumping about in a skirt half way up my ass chanting about how much i'm in love with the football players."

she'd never admit it, but truthfully, santana would kill to be a cheerio. the thought of getting her very own uniform and fitting in made her heart skip. but she'd never be able to be a cheerio, because they were all white and skinny and rich.

brittany's mouth turned to an 'o'. "what do you mean you're not trying out?" she asked, appalled.

"i mean," santana said slowly, as if brittany couldn't speak english, "i am not trying out."

"but being a cheerleader is the easiest way to get a boyfriend!" brittany protested, "and you get to go to cheer camp!"

"oh wow, i'm definitely trying out if it means i get to go camping with a bunch of whores and gay boys!" santana said sarcastically.

"really?!" brittany asked excitedly.

"no, i was being sarcastic."

"well," quinn began, "if you change your mind, try outs aren't until friday. there's a sign up sheet outside principal figgins' office, ratbag."

"it's santana, bitch."

"whatever, ratbag."

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