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July 2, 2018

Noah quickly exited his car once he spotted Hassan walking through the parking lot.

"Hassan! Hassan!" He called out as he jogged after him. He thought about what Hassan told him and cleaned himself up. He realized what he did was unprofessional but he had been depressed ever since his label dropped him. Hassan looked up from his phone and saw Noah standing in front of him.

"Wassup? What 'chu doing here?" Hassan questioned.

"Look, I thought about what you said and went home and got myself together. I know the way I acted the other day was hella unprofessional and I'm sorry. I'm not drunk or high right now, and I have the money for studio time today."

Hassan nodded his head while observing him from head to toe. "Are you sure you're ready to-"

"Yeah. I'm positive. It's been so long since I've been in the studio. I need to get back in there."

"Alright. Lets see what 'chu got." Hassan said and walking towards the front entrance. Noah locked his car with his key fob and followed Hassan inside.


"Thank you so much for meeting me here!" Monica sighed while embracing Harley with a hug. Over the past few weeks, she created a friendship with Harley. They clicked so well and Monica didn't have many real friends. Half of them were basketball wives.

"I honestly didn't mind. Who turns down free cake tasting?" Harley laughed while sitting across from her. Since today was her off day, she decided to meet up with Monica at Daisy's Bakery.

"I heard good things about this place. My mom made the appointment. Ugh, I swear she's trying to take over my wedding."

"She's just happy for you."

"Easy for you to say. Get to know her. You'll understand how she is."

"Good Afternoon. Welcome to Daisy's Bakery. You must be Monica Forde?" The blonde-haired woman spoke while clasping her hands together.

"Yes I am. And this is my friend Harley." Monica introduced her. She enjoyed hanging around Monica. She only hoped that Hassan's parents would be as welcoming as Monica was when they first met.

"Nice to meet you both. Are you ready to taste some of our most famous cakes?"

"Yes." Monica and Harley spoke in unison.

"Alright I'll be right back." Once the woman walked away, Monica decided to drill Harley with questions about her and Hassan.

"So, how are you and my brother doing?"

"We're good. Despite barely spending time with him, we're good."

"He's letting work get the best of him again I see." She sighed. "He could be so-"

"No it's okay." Harley laughed. "I don't mind. I'm busy with school and working two jobs."

"Two jobs and going to school? Damn girl what the hell?!"

"What?" Harley laughed again.

"How are you? Physically and mentally? That's stressful."

"I'm okay. What about you? Planning a wedding, working at your father's company, and trying to make every single one of Devin's basketball games."

"Don't get me started. It's very stressful. Especially when your mom is trying to add her own touches like she's paying for my wedding." Monica rolled her eyes so hard that Harley thought they were gonna pop out of her head.

"So what's your theme for the wedding?"

"Winter Wonderland. I wanted to have my wedding in the winter but Devin hates the winter. Even though his birthday is in the winter."

"Winter Wonderland? Awwww, it sounds like it's going to be beautiful." Harley cooed.

"It will be. My wedding planner will have fake snowflakes fall from the ceiling and everything will be white with Swarovski crystals."

"So your dress will be white I'm guessing."

"Oh of course! I want it to be huge. Like a ball gown. With lace and crystals. I wanna look like a princess." Monica laughed. She was excited.

The woman finally appeared from the backroom with six slices of cake. "Here we are! Three slices of our most famous cakes."

"Thank you!" Monica replied as the woman sat the cakes in front of her. Harley thanked her as well.

Harley's cellphone vibrated on the table and she smiled once she saw Hassan's name appear on the screen. She slid her finger across the bottom of her screen and pressed the phone to her right ear. "Hey."

"Hey?" He chuckled lightly. "Just hey? No hey baby what are you doing?"

"Hey baby what are you doing?" She mocked.

"Nothing. Finishing up some music. Thinking about you. What are you doing?"

"Is that Hassan tell him I said hey." Monica grinned.

"Cake tasting with your sister. She says hey." Harley spoke before popping a piece of cake into her mouth. A moan escaped from her lips which made Hassan laugh.

"Damn, you sure you cake tasting with my sister? Sound like you 'bout to have an orgasm." He joked.

"Shut up. The cake is good."

"That's our Key Lime Pie." The woman added.

"I was actually calling to see if you had any plans from July third through the fifth."

"No. Why?"

"I wanna take you to Hanover."

"Hanover? What's in Hanover?"

"My grandmother's house with an amazing view of the firework display on the fourth of July. So, yes or no?"

"Yes!" She yelled before looking around. "I mean, sure. I don't have anything planned."

"Good because I already told her you were coming. Well I'll see you tomorrow then."

"It's a date." She smiled before hanging up. She realized the corny line that blurted out of her mouth and wanted to smack the back of her head. "It's a date? How lame."

"Y'all are so cute! I love black love!" Monica exaggerates before popping a piece of cake into her mouth.


So I'm about to end this story.........I wanna say two or three more chapters are left 🤔



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