Chapter Two

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After the two got back from the store and when our conversation was disrupted, Jennie avoided me like a plague. I guess that's normal since I learned about her secret, which, by the way,  I totally missed all these years.

The clues were already scattered everywhere but I missed every single one of them. For example, they were the ones who became close first. They went to the sauna house, talked about nothing and every little thing about them in their birthday suits which made them best of friends after.

Before debut, they would hang out, play billiards and go to the mall and visit shops.

After our debut, they were attached to the hip. Fans see them together at airports, Jisoo and Jennie are infront of us while Chaeng and I follow behind.

That explains the clinginess of Jennie towards Jisoo. The gazes, the holding of hands, the hugging, Jisoo calling her a Jendeuki. That explains how clingy she could be to Jisoo but not to us. Not to me and Chaeng. Not to that extent.

Inside the plane, they were still beside each other. How they acted during the Running Man show, the interviews hinting that she loves to sleep beside Jisoo. The photoshoots and all of that. What you see on on-cam was also the same as off-cam.

Was I too blind to see the truth? Why didn't I see it? Felt it, even? I don't know. I really don't and that frustrates me as hell.

After the movie which I totally didn't watch  nor understand one single bit about its plot, I said my goodnight to them and went to my room.

I made sure to lock the door and turn off the lights but I plugged a little night light near me. I settled in to my bed and snuggled Leo who purred softly in my arms. Luca was sleeping soundly in his little made up bed.

I closed my eyes, hoping to finally drift off, to sleep but none came. I twisted and turned, evened my breathing and counted sheeps while my eyes are closed but sleep eluded me like I've drank 3 liters of coffee and a gallon of energy drink. I sighed again for the nth time today.

I sat up which startled Leo and he dashed somewhere in this dimly lit room. To where? I don't know. I'm too preoccupied to notice or care at all. I reached for my phone above the bedside table and unlocked it.

My fingers hovered above the youtube app icon, deciding whether to watch those videos again to look for the things I've missed and/or things I should probably pay more attention to or to sleep.

My head suddenly throbbed. This was too much. Everything was too much and yet, it feels too little for me. Groaning, I placed my phone on my right leg to massage my temple. Maybe I should stop this. I need to sleep. I've strained my eyes for too long and it needed its rest.

I lied in bed again. I gazed at the dark ceiling, watching nothing, letting my thoughts consume me.

I tried convincing myself that watching those videos again won't help me but without me noticing, my hand has reached for my phone. I sat up, plugged my earphones and typed "Jensoo", the shipname that was coined by their shippers.

Hundreds of videos popped up, tempting me to watch every single one of them. And I did. Stupidly dedicating my time on this instead of sleeping.

After how many videos in which I lost count already, I looked at the time on my phone and groaned when I saw it's almost 5 in the morning.

I went out of my room when I felt like I was gonna explode. I am in need of water, and I need it fast. I was rubbing the tiredness out of my eyes when I saw a movement in the kitchen. I looked around and everyone seemed to be sleeping. I remembered the ghost stories Jisoo told us and my past experiences with paranormal that I became scared. With a loud beating heart and slow steps, I peeked inside the kitchen.

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