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Nico was looking forward to the meeting in the evening. He couldn't wait to see his sister, Hazel, who was traveling from Camp Jupiter. Asides from Reyna and Will, she was the only person he could really trust. Jason, of course, was on that list as well but... Jason was dead. Jason was the person with him when... when they had the encounter with Cupid, and Nico felt that Jason knew him like no one else because of that. Nico had once gone down to visit Jason in Elysium only to be informed that he had 'moved on'. That tore Nico apart. He felt he couldn't tell Will about it as it would only make him worry even more about him. Even thinking about Jason now, upset Nico. A silvery tear slid down his cheek soon accompanied by more and more. Embarrassed, he wiped them away with the back of his hand but they wouldn't stop coming. Thank the gods he was in his cabin, where no one could see him. Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. Panicking, Nico stood up and crouched behind his bed.

"Death Boy, I know you're in there! You weren't at breakfast and you have to eat. Doctors orders!"

Nico sighed and slowly got up. It was Will and Nico needed him right now. Will flung open the door, a teasing look on his face. His smile slowly melted away when he saw Nico's tear-streaked face.

"My little sunshine..." Will whispered before embracing Nico in an affectionate hug. Nico flinched at his touch, but then hugged Will back. Will sat him down on the bed.

"Speak." Will said. Nico was quiet for a second. Could he really trust Will? Would he stop loving him if he knew how messed up Nico was? Ignoring the doubtful voice in his head, Nico poured the whole story about how Jason had 'moved on' and how he felt Jason was the only person who really understood him. Once he had finished, the two sat in silence for what felt like years. Will finally spoke:

"Neeks, you should have told me about this!  This is awful, oh gods! But you need to understand that I care about you. I will try my hardest to understand you if only let me in. Hazel cares about you, Reyna does. You are loved, Nico and no more secrets." Will took Nico's hand in his own and kissed it lightly. "I love you, Death Boy."

"I love you too." Nico replied, his voice no more than a hoarse croak. A tear began to fall, but he hurriedly wiped it away. 

"Let them fall, Nico. Let them fall." Will caressed. Nico let himself relax, falling into Will's arms, crying properly, for the first time in what felt like forever.

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