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Annabeth was in a taxi, driving towards Camp Half-Blood. The Grey Sisters were currently bickering about a tooth that was currently lodged firmly into one of the sisters' mouth. Annabeth had a vague memory of them arguong about the same body part a few years ago. Annabeth couldn't wait to see Percy when she got to Camp-Half Blood. She hadn't seen him the whole of the summer so far as she had been spending time with Piper. Piper really needed her best friend, Annabeth, to be with her at this difficult time after Jason's death. Piper was absolutely distraught, especially since she blamed Jason's death on the breakup she initiated a few months before. No matter how many times Annabeth had tried to tell Piper it wasn't her fault, Piper wouldn't listen. She hated to see her best friend so sad. Oh well, she told herself, she'll get over it. And although it was blunt, it was true.

A/N : Ok, I know this part is really short... but I'mbusy with school and stuff so I haven't got tons of time to write. Also school blocked wattpad - UGGGHHH!! If i get enough reads I will publish a new part soon so stay tuned!!! Also leave me some feedback in the comments. :)

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