A Promise to Heal

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Vikram's pov

I know what I did was wrong and it could not be justified.

I screwed it up, Again!

Ruined my princess's day just because of my anger!!!

But I did not mean any of this to happen....I have to apologise.....and make it up for both my princesses before it gets too late.
Ms. Singh was right, I am blessed!!!!

Wow! Man you are wrapped around her words now!!!

Oh just stop it already! It's nothing like that....she is nothing but Trouble!!!!

I rushed inside the Rajwada and saw a tear filled Smriti , sitting on the foyer, holding a picture of our parents. My heart cried for my baby sister. I know she put front a very brave face to the world but inside she misses them a lot ......she craves for love! Now, I feel like I have failed miserably in my duties and giving love to my sister. I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder....she didn't have to guess....she knew it was me.

She said- I am fine Bhai, really!!! I just miss them sometime, that's all!

Told you, about her brave act!

I sighed and sat on my knees meeting her eyes and wiped her tears.

You know princess, I can read your soul. So stop pretending and accept the reality. I know you are upset with me and I deserve it! I agree, I shouldn't have behaved this reckless. See, I even ruined your special day. I am truly sorry for creating the chaos and specially for shouting at you for no reasons! But I promise I will make everything alright
..if you want I will apologise to Kartik and his family as well....but please don't cry....it kills me!

Will you please forgive your brother this one last time? - I said looking down with guilt.

Smriti said - I will if you promise me that you will fulfill my wish.

Anything my princess! Just ask for it! - I said

Smriti looked into my eyes and said - You have to promise me that you will think about what I told you yesterday! About the Happy Family!

What are you trying to say Smriti!!!! I asked shocked.

I am talking about Akira! You will have to give you two a chance. She is perfect for you Bhai. Both of you have lost your partners...and are fighting the demons of your dark past. Take her hand and let her heal all your wounds. I don't know what exactly happened in her past but she is in no lesser missery than you. I have faith in this relationship.
Promise me You will get married again!
Promise me that you will be healed.
Promise me you will marry her and make a happy family!

I was numb! I shrugged my hands from hers and said - Smriti, this will never happen!
I can not promise you for something which I could never fulfill.
We can't be together!
We can never have a happy family together.

But why! Why can't you! She is everything a woman should be! You can't be with her just Because you think she is a single mother? Do you think that she will not love our Kiyara like her own!
Or, do you fear that she will break all the walls that you have created to block the future happiness in your life.?
Is it about your lack of trust in Love? Smriti spat.

I composed myself and said - Calm down Smriti, please!
I am not saying she is not a nice person and I certainly have no issues, her being a single mom.
Infact she is just perfect at her job. But I am not!
I don't want to create trouble in her present life  because of my insecurities and my issues. I can't just drag a person in my mess. It's not correct!

Bhai just think about the kids, they have developed siblings love for each other. Kiyara is very fond of her and Vidit. Don't you think she should have a full family? Now, She is small...but with time as she grows....so will need a mother figure. We can not fill the place of a loving mother. Even I will be married soon, what will you do then, leave her on fate...just like mine????
You want her to suffer the way I did?infact she has much worse fate than me, coz atleast I had you but her ....she is alone just like you!
Give her the love she deserves Bhaiya, please! - she pleaded with teary eyes.

I just shook my head, I was stone hard..! I could not bring myself to have another woman in my life. Not even in my worst dreams!

Oh Smriti! This will never happen.! I announced and left from there, leaving her sobbing. I had to!

I wandered in the palace, imagined.....someone please help me!!! I was in excruciating pain in my heart and soul, and I just could not take it anymore!!!! I just wish this day comes to an end!

But there, I am countered by Tayi maa sa, did I tell you guys, she is over protective for both my princesses.

She singled me to join in her study and I followed. Gosh! Be prepared for a lecture now!!!

She sat on her Mahagony Royal chair and said- Look Vicky, I know the few past years of your life has been rough and torturous for you. And I can't blame you alone that you still dwell in those dark days. But what you did last night is not acceptable, son. It's hard to forget the past but you should put your priorities first. And Smriti is definitely one amongst those and I know, you love her with all your heart. Yet you failed miserably.

You are just like your father, he was short tempered and so are you! But my dear, Anger is never going to do you any good!

I just looked away from her!

Vicky, let bygones be bygones and start a fresh.

Tayi maa you think I never tried! I did....I dedicated my whole life to my princesses...but everytime I feel like I have moved on....something or the other comes back....I can not come over the betrayal I faced because of HER...and it takes a toll on me and...I am tired Tayi maa..!!! - I replied in frustrated.

I am tired of all this persuasion!
Why can't they just leave me alone?

She hold my hand in hers and caressed and said- I have a solution for this....
She thought for a while and said- Get married again Vicky!
Give yourself a chance and I think Akira is the one!

O my lord! Not again!!!

My eyes shot up and anger building up - What are you saying Tayi maa??? Out of Everyone, how could you think of something like this!?!
Smriti just also told me the same! I don't want your or anyone's sympathy, taayi maa! I will be good on my own.
You think I will marry again....never ..
Not in this life time.!!!! I have lost my faith on marriage!

She again spoke - Think wisely, Vicky! I heard what she said and trust me every word that she spoke was true.
I have the same concern. If not for yourself, Think about Kiyara...that poor soul is deprived of love. I have seen her with Akira, she becomes a complete different person. She seems happy. Give her the hope to live blissfully, Vicky!
I can not force you but I advice you that you Think about it!

With that she patted my head and left.

What do I do now!?!
Akira!!!! How is this possible!!!
I guess my mind will explode now I need a drink!

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I will be back soon.

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