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September 20, 2006

Seven, when we, three, woke up. I cooked pancakes for breakfast.

After I let Mj did her chores, I fenced my plants such as guyabano, cashew, santol, avocado and others so that they will not be accidentally cut by the grasscutter. I wanted them to grow to enable them to know that I have spent my months here planting. They would make me remembered.

Mj and I were planning to leave this house today, but we end up in staying till Lola came. As of now, I really don't know if I will give up. It's been so hard for me to abandon this --especially my plants. I've made great effort to make them survive. Even though, we're lack of food, I still preferred to stay because my plants cry whenever I attempt to leave them.

My partner seems to be hesitant. she too wants to stay. Since we were about to be four-membered family, we must have a separate, private life. And, living here is the best opportunity. However, our bosses and Mj's relatives must be sensitive enough to our needs --not to mention our wants. To fully increment the gratitude, they must produce us with kitchen, that is properly built; with TV, even a surplus one, as long as we would be entertained in our boring hours here; and communication gizmo, which will help us convey our important messages during insurgency. They must also increase our salary, considering the cost of living nowadays. Truly, P2000 we're receiving is just good for two weeks not to mention how much we budgeted it very wisely and economically.

Last night, I told Mj about going home to Bulan. She does not agree with it, but she agrees the idea of selling a parcel or the whole lot of ours. I added that if it would so, I would start a business. But the problem is the fare.

"Lord, thank You for all of these. I know it's just a trial. You're merely measuring our patience. But, please, don't castigate us overly. A whip of two does but more than these is hurtful. Lord Jesus, I'm still hoping to Your promises. I know you will give me what I'm longing for on the soonest time. Please, bless us with logical mind--so that we're not easily giving up by just a single blow of the wind. Bless us with patience so that we could not feel emptiness and boredom. Bless us with financial matters so that we could buy the lacking in this house. Thank You! Amen!"

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