Until I Die

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Connor's P.O.V.

"Connor has a crush. Connor has a crush. Connor has a crush" Toby and Riley sang as we walked back to the bus.

"Shut up both of you" I said.

"You haven't denied that you have a crush on her" Toby said matter-of-factly.

"Well..." I said and then whispered "maybe I do"

"What's that?" Riley asked. "I couldn't hear you"

"I'm not saying it again" I said and we got to the bus. When I went in, I grabbed some candy and went to the back. I went on my phone to Instagram and posted a selfie because I was #bored.

"Hey Connor" Toby said sitting down.

"If you're going to make fun of me for having a crush on Louise then you can leave. It's not like you haven't had a crush on a girl" I said.

"Well, I actually don't have a crush on anybody at the moment. But, I think you two would be cute together"

"You don't even really know her"

"Still." He said. "You can't fight love Connor. You can't fight love!"

"And I'm not!"

"You two will make beautiful music together"

"Yeah. We're meeting to write songs"

"You know what I mean"

"Yep. Now what did you come back here for?"

"I don't know. I'm just really bored"


"Wanna play a video game?"


~Le next day~

"C'mon guys!" I yelled. "Louise could be at Starbucks right now! Hurry up!"

"The things love will do to you" Riley said and stepped out of the bus.


"Coming!" he yelled and ran out.

"Lets go!" I said and started running. I ran into Starbucks to see that Louise wasn't there. "She's not here"

"We are a little early" Riley said. "I guess the rush was for nothing"

"OMG it's her it's her! everybody act normal!" I said and quickly sat down. Ok, maybe I was freaking out a little.

"Louise!" I said and got up to hug her when she walked in.

"You remembered my name!" she said surprised. Not sure why.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just excited to be writing songs with you"

"Did you bring some of your songs?" I asked.

"Yeah. They're all in this notebook" she said and help up the notebook.


"I don't even know why I came," Toby said. "Wanna get some coffee and leave?" he asked Riley.

"Sure" Riley answered. "We'll be back at the bus" he told me and they left.

"Can I see the songs you've written?" I asked her.

"Uh sure." She said and handed me the notebook. "But just to let you know they're not that good"

"Yeah. Sure. That's why you say" I said and looked at the lyrics. "Dude!"

"Told you they're bad"

"There not bad! these are super good!"

"Really? you think so?"

"Yes! where do you get these ideas this is incredible!"

"From here" she said and pointed at her head.

"Listen, we need some new songs. I was wondering if maybe you would like to help us write songs?"

"You're kidding. You, Connor McDonough, wants me to help you write songs!?!"

"No joke. Wanna come to the bus with me?"

"Yes of course! wow! I-I'm speechless!"

"Does this make you talk again?" I said and kissed her. I don't know what came over me. Once our lips pulled apart I said "I-I'm so sorry you probably don't even like me and-I should be going"

"You think I don't like you?"

"Well, do you like me?"

"Yes! I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. I didn't think this moment would happen!"

"So, to the bus then?"

"To the bus"

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