The Fox

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I sat through 6 hours of a forced hell known as school and practically sprinted to my moms car when the final bell rang. As we drove along I thought back on what happened. Could I die? Was coursing through my head a lot. I was snapped out of my reverie by my moms question of were I wanted to get food from and we decided on mcdonalds milkshakes. Pulling in I got a weird tingly feeling in the back of my neck and felt a stare on the back of my neck, turning rapidly I saw an Asian man who looked to be in his late 20's smile at me. My mom yelled for me and I ran right into the smells of salty fries and ketchup. "Hey can I go to the bathroom?" I asked my mother who said back "Sure, Chocolate milkshake right?" I replied "Yes". I walked over to the bathrooms when the tingly feeling came back but this time it was like an explosion of tingles as weird as that may sound. The room was a pure white color and seemed to assume the shape of the Mcdonalds but without color, furniture, people, machines. Just nothing a whole bunch of pure white nothing. I felt another tingle at the back of my neck and turned to see the man from before. "We finally meet little summoner." He said his voice of a strangely calming tone. " What?" I said dumbfounded and confused. He replied back jokingly "Oh you don't know? You are the one who brought the fox here."

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