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             Alisha's POV: 

  "There's not much we can do."

  "Wh- what?" The words stuttered out of my gritted teeth. 

Sarah gave Mitch a sympathetic look, then slowly gazed at me. 

"Ali, I don't know what to tell you. She's \been hospitalized for a couple days. How could you just forget about her? Your best friend?" She breathed a sigh of relief, like that was the hardest sentences she had to push out of her mouth.

I stepped closer to Sarah, crossing my arms. "Hospitalized?" I shook my head in disbelief. Does she not realize we are all hospitalized in this hellhole they call a hospital? "Do you not get it? You've been working here since I was what, 13, and you still don't get it. This hospital I have to force myself to call home is the worst place you could ever be. Getting fed ice is delicious, I know, but what about all the needles? What are we to all of you, just some voodoo dolls you can poke needles in?" 

Mitch stepped closer to me and put his hands on my shoulders. 

"Ali, maybe we should go see Journey. Sarah, what room is she in?" 

"424." Sarah said, in almost a whisper. 

She looked to the floor, and shuffled in the dark room to finish cleaning up. 

Mitch and I walked out of the room hand in hand, to Journey's room. 


  A/N: OK, I know it was a really short chapter but that's ok because I have writers block. Oh well. See you soon!

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