Chapter 1

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                                                                           5 years ago

Hey, my name is Taylor Kathleen Jardine, but you can just call me Tay. I guess you could say that I'm just a fun loving, energetic girl, who enjoys almost everything. I've wanted to be in a band as long as I can remember. But the one problem is that I never seem to find the people to be in one with me. My favourite thing in the whole entire world is music, without it, it's fair to say that I would die. I have a few close friends in high school, but not many and they are mainly boys. Their names are Rob, Jordan, and Cameron. They are some of my best friends, I have a few others friends like Ruby and Jessa, but besides them the boys were my best friends. We sit out behind the toilets and yes I know what you're thinking, you probably think that we are smoking but no, we listen to loud music. Either pop-punk or post-hardcore. I really hope that I can be in a band one day, and tour world wide and inspire people, like Simple Plan. 

Cameron and I are walking home, I really want him to be in a band with me. He's an amazing guitar player and he'd make a great lead guitarist for a band.      

"Hey do you um, um. Sorry. Would you like to be in a band with me?" I ask awkwardly.

"Yeah sure, I'd love to be. Who with?"

"Really? Great and I don't know who else".            

"I know what about the boys? They can all play instruments" Cam says.

"That's a good idea, but we still need a bass player" I say.

"We can put up posters and I'm sure there will be someone who plays bass around here". 

"Okay, omg I'm so excited, we'll talk to the boys tomorrow" I say as Cam turns into his house and waves goodbye.

Omg I'm so excited, finally I might be in a band. All of the boys can play the appropriate instruments. I'll probably sing and play keyboard (I forgot to mention that I sing and play a bit of keyboard). Jordan can play guitar pretty well, so he will probably play rhythmn guitar. Cameron is amaaaaazinggg at guitar so it's pretty obvious what he will play. And Rob has just taken up drum lessons, he used to play a little when he was younger but he's just picked it up again. I'm so excited.

The next day Cam and I tell the boys about our idea for a band and they agree (thank god). Rob said that he thinks he knows someone who plays bass, which is really good. I'm so happy, finally, maybe, my dreams are coming true. We plan a band practice next week at my house. And that is how 'We Are The In Crowd' starts, with the addition of Mike playing bass.



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