All for you (Kellic) (boyXboy) by piercetheprice
All for you (Kellic) (boyXboy)by piercetheprice
[ COMPLETED ] Kellin is the self destructive, quiet boy with a poisonous home life. He has no one and all he wants is to end it all. Vic is the self assured, new kid wh...
  • jaimeprecaido
  • sleepingwithsirens
  • mikefuentes
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Sweet ×Kellic× by GxySpxce
Sweet ×Kellic×by Gay Shit™
Vic meets a beautiful girl with bright green eyes at the new bakery, but that girl is hiding something. ××××××××× Transgirl!Kellin
  • multiship
  • sweet
  • gay
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Sweet Little Baby In A World Full Of Pain || Kellic by Myloveforkellic
Sweet Little Baby In A World Full...by memekayla
Kellin Quinn, the name of a beautiful boy who wears skirts and girly clothes.
  • genderfluid
  • vicfuentes
  • myloveforkellic
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Band Imagines by youcantpredicttheend
Band Imaginesby |||
Imagines about Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Halsey, etcetera... I'm currently taking requests!
  • tylerjoseph
  • joshdun
  • ryden
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Friends Don't Kiss by LoloReyes0002
Friends Don't Kissby Jumanjenga
Sequel to Teacher! If you haven't read that one I highly recommend that you do or this story will make no sense. Just a heads up!
  • ptv
  • lgbt
  • funtimes
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Band Member One Shots by frickestsick
Band Member One Shotsby Maia
I'll do pretty much anything, so request it and I'll try my best.
  • dualipa
  • lanadelrey
  • tayjardine
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Forever and Always by flyestinvertebrate
Forever and Alwaysby flyestinvertebrate
The marvelous misadventures of Lisa Ruocco and Tay Jardine, two girlfriends who try to maintain their relationship all while maintaining their careers. ♡ These are a ser...
  • femslash
  • taylorjardine
  • girlxgirl
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Candy (Jalex) by kellallyourfriends
Candy (Jalex)by Nice2KnoU
The only thing that gets Alex through a breakup is chocolate. And maybe the candy store's cashier.
  • alltimelow
  • tayjardine
  • jackbarakat
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Never Burn Out Under Your Starlight {Jardougall} by Run-Dont-Walk
Never Burn Out Under Your Starligh...by ~Robs from Pvramorミ~
A Tay Jardine x Jenna McDougall love story. -- Tay just got a new job at a small cafe in Australia, to where she had just moved. Jenna has been working there for a while...
  • markhoppus
  • alexasanroman
  • girlxgirl
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Nice2KnoU (Jalex) by kellallyourfriends
Nice2KnoU (Jalex)by Nice2KnoU
Before the car crash, Alex was charismatic, friendly, witty, the whole lot. Now? He can barely stand on two feet. But thanks to a certain Jack Barakat, he's not giving u...
  • alexgaskarth
  • disability
  • alexgaskarthxjackbarakat
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Pierce the Veil Group chats (Completed) by piercethebailz
Pierce the Veil Group chats (Compl...by Bai
The title says it All other characters include: Bailey "Bailz" (Me, the author) Alex Gaskarth Jack Barakat Zack Merrick Rian Dawson Kellin Quinn Tay Jardine C...
  • tayjardine
  • jackbarakat
  • tonyperry
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Scintilla // L.P by Eeva_Liam
Scintilla // L.Pby Eeva
Scintilla scin·til·la (noun) a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling. "a scintilla of doubt"
  • onedirection
  • jennamcdougall
  • noelschefflin
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Band Oneshots by Run-Dont-Walk
Band Oneshotsby ~Robs from Pvramorミ~
All you read here is fiction. Featuring Paramore, All Time Low, Pvris, etc... DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters.
  • hayleywilliams
  • chayley
  • lynexa
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Fake It by axlgram
Fake Itby lonely girl
A popular student makes a bet with his mates that he can turn a dorky girl into high school royalty in just six weeks. Based on the movie 'She's All That'.
  • jennamcdougall
  • jack
  • tay
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Just Friends (Jardougall  AU) by Troylerific
Just Friends (Jardougall AU)by Troylerific
Taylor was a junior in high school who was being promised her "last move" by her father who was in the military. SEHS was a huge high school with over 1,000 st...
  • tayjardine
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtq
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