Chapter 1

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Outfit. Check.
Resumè. Check.
Granola bar for breakfast. Check.

All in all, do I look presentable? Yes.

Today is a hectic day for me. I have so much on my plate that I'm a bit anxious for my interview later. I just graduated from university and I'm currently job hunting. I live in an apartment in New York City which is actually nice, clean, big enough for four people to live in and the security of this place is top notch amazing, better than in the hood.

After double checking that everything is in order and that everything is perfect so that I don't screw up in my interview, I let out a satisfied sigh. I sit on my plush couch and close my eyes and take in nice deep and relaxing breaths to calm my accelerating heart beat.

Ahhh...finally I can relax. My interview isn't until late night today, so might as well take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity.

Or not, because my goddamn phone starts ringing indicating that I have someone who is calling me.

Oh my God.

Why me?

I pick it up and survey the screen, looking at the caller ID. Uhh...should've known. Of cause my friend, Monica would call, probably  wants something from me. I press the answer button and press the device against my ear before speaking into it.

"Yes Monica what do you want?"

"Oh thank the good Lord you answered. I need your help.", she replies while letting out a breath of relief.

"I figured. What is it?", I ask while rolling my eyes even though I know she can't see me.

"I need you to go to McDonald's and cover my shift for me.", she speaks frantically.

I knit my eyebrows together, wondering what time her shift is. "What shift do you have?"

"The day shift. Which will end before you have to go for your interview."

"Oh, so you knew that I had an interview today but you still want me to out of my way and help you?", I ask rhetorically. "Why can't you go?"

"Please Divine if it wasn't important than I wouldn't have asked you. Please?", she begs.

Throwing a silent tantrum at the thought about not being able to relax but instead I have to spend the rest of my day serving unappreciative and confusing customers along with snotty little brats makes me so mad and pissed, but she is my friend and if she needs my help then I'll help her. Atleast she has the day shift.

"Ok fine but this is the last time you ever ask me to do your job again.", I tell her sternly.

"Thank you thank you thank you oh thank you so much."

"Whatever, you're just lucky I don't take your pay check." I jokingly say before hanging up.

Well it looks like I'm going to work...well Monica's work.

I groan out loud, most definitely pissed. I hate working at that place, it's too hectic for me and I oddly start to feel claustrophobic when I go there that's why I always take the drive through. Hopefully Monica's boss is in a good mood and will let me work by the drive through.

Getting up from the couch I realise that I have to change my attire. I'm still in my unicorn pyjamas.

Ok so her shift starts at around 09:00 which means I have approximately 45 minutes to get ready.

Thinking that I have plenty of time, I drag my feet to my bedroom and take a long time getting ready. Usually I'm a person who respects time but I guess if it comes to doing something that I don't want to then I just automatically disrespect it.

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